The Best Local SEO Practices 2016

With more people performing searches on their phones, local SEO is bigger than ever and more important to businesses than ever before. These tips are there to create a smoother and smarter SEO effort in 2016 – take a look at these tips.

The Trends Say, “Go Mobile!”

Having a mobile-friendly campaign is not just to appeal to your target demographic better, it is the only way to market. Mobile searches are more popular than laptop and desktop searches combined. The search engines themselves consider a mobile-friendly interface a relevant factor when providing search results.

This is not something you “have to” do because if not you will be left behind. Although that is true, you should look at mobile marketing as a grand opportunity to reach your clients in a deeply intimate and very convenient way. Convenience to them means they are far more likely to take their valuable custom to your option.

So synchronise your watches for Operation: Go Mobile 2016

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews will help you build valuable customer confidence that can turn into authority later. This can be done through your YELP! or Google My Business Page this is also the best way to boost your rankings. Pay attention to the amount and frequency of posts. Additionally, ensure your location is added and if you want a local physical location but don’t have an office nearby then a registered office and mail forwarding service can work to register the business with Google’s local service.

You want to aim for at least ten positive reviews to begin with after this you can find ways to generate more by offering incentives to customers for posting their own positive reviews online. Many businesses will make a form of coupon system or even barter reviews with other firms.

The Impact of Voice Search

In the interests of providing additional convenience to your customers comes the voice search, which is highly convenient to customers who may want to take a moment to consider your option while stuck in traffic or with their hands full of cookie dough.

Either way offering this extra convenience is just another way that merchants can let their customers know how important their time is. By considering this and shifting your SEO methods to include these voice-friendly keywords and phrases, you will open up a significant number of options. Follow-up questions will be important here as only a small number of choices can be delivered.

Direct Data Matters for Local SEO.

Direct Data has seen an increase in importance as search engines derive the relevance of the websites by the quality of this essential data. This means that companies need to focus on the quality of this data to improve their favor in the eyes of the almighty Googlebot.

Directs Data is the brass tacks information that consumers would like to see listed in search engine results. Ideally, this will be the information your customers would need up front, a Yoga Studio, for instance, would list session prices, schedules, instructor names and qualifications and other very pertinent information.

This information significantly improves your website visibility.

NAP Citations

The quantity and quality of your citations will be increasingly important and businesses will neglect this important aspect at their risk. These are great because they can be generated at hardly any price and yet they increase as much as 25% of your site visibility.

This does not have to be anything as complicated as a mention of your product, service or company even without a link to your site. The best citations can be NAP; that is just the Names, Address and Phone number, and do include a link to your main site.

These can be created on such pages as YELP!, and Yellow Pages. Be sure to check your information frequently to be sure it is presenting no discrepancies that could throw the search engines off and affect your relevance.

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2 Responses to The Best Local SEO Practices 2016

  1. Thanks for the great article. Do you know of any tools yet that generate voice-friendly keywords? Much like the Keyword Planner but specifically for voice search?

  2. Rafay Zafar says:

    We have had good results using Geo-Tagged images on our client’s Google my business page. This is something ignored by many local SEO experts.