Blogs that Entrepreneurs Should Be Reading

Blogs that Entrepreneurs Should Be Readinge-Commerce businesses might be the most dynamic business model out there. According to RJ Metrics, there were 110,000 e-commerce sites generating “meaningful” revenue on the Internet in 2013. E-commerce sites make up 10-12 percent of the Internet and are expected to continue growing.

e-Commerce Sites Generate New Business Opportunities

Not surprisingly, there are services to help e-commerce work more efficiently and securely. Almost all e-commerce businesses and online services need some basic services from outside their realm. Here are just a few:

  • Web hosting: Few businesses have the resources to host their own sites. Within this realm, there are important security and storage issues to consider.
  • Marketing: Many online merchants turn to professionals to provide marketing support including blogging, advertising, and social media posting.
  • Analytics: This subset of marketing focuses on site success and pinpoints areas to improve.

While it makes sense to call in experts for services you don’t have the time or skills to do well, it’s a good idea to understand what these services do and how to evaluate them.

You don’t have to know how to host a website to identify services and performance expectations. You don’t need Neil Patel to tell you sales are down, but you do need people (usually more than one) who can interpret your site statistics, identify and explain what isn’t working.

Here are a few topics and useful blogs e-commerce businesses should spend a little time reading:

Security is Essential for E-commerce

Don’t take your web host’s word that your site is 100 percent secure. No one can guarantee that in today’s world because, as LifeLock pointed out in a June 2015 security blog post, the new cybersecurity reality is that hacking happens all the time.

LifeLock UnLocked delivers more than a dose of reality. It follows security breaches that are big news in the mainstream media, as well as delves into lightly reported topics about password protection, service breaches, and smartphone security threats.

Brian Krebs writes Krebs on Security, a blog that is a good resource for more in-depth reporting. His blog will help you discuss malware protection with your web host. You’ll also learn about free services you might be eligible for after a breach, regardless of whether you’re personally affected.

Read the Major Content Marketing Mavens

Even if you’re working with a great writer on your content marketing strategy, it’s a good idea for all of you to understand current blogging and content practices so that you don’t waste time wondering why the keywords you provided him or her haven’t been used X times in the first 250 words and other goofy stuff like that.

Google makes adjustments all the time, and if your writer is on top of it, he or she understands the nuances of writing for the customer you want to attract.

There are tons of marketing blogs out there. Here is a very short list of the most readable yet authoritative ones that will keep you up to date on content practices.

What’s on your “must read list” these days?

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