Google Pagerank Updates Too Harsh?

“It’s Google’s Web — we’re just living in it.” – Mathew Ingram.

The facts: Pagerank has dropped for a lot of websites today.

The questions: Did some sites drop because they were selling text links?

Did other sites who weren’t selling text links get affected just as a swiping general reduction?

Does pagerank really even matter anymore?

Does this kill the TextLinkAds business model?

Is this the dawn of Trustrank?

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6 Responses to Google Pagerank Updates Too Harsh?

  1. PageRank doesn't matter anymore. The only people overly concerned with it are the people who got slapped in this latest update… and it seems like the only people giving it relevance are those who "optimize" themselves into a slap.

  2. You might want to check <a / rel="nofollow">this post at SEJ by Loren and also the 28+ comments to it. It's very helpful to understand what this means and what it does NOT mean.

  3. Jim Kukral says:

    Yeah, I've read all of the other stories Carsten. I was interested in what the readers at ReveNews thought about it, which is why I posed the questions here. I have my own answers already 🙂

  4. Okay, link is gone, here it is again. If that does not work, click on my name, I used it for my sig.

  5. Evan W. says:

    They probably weren't acquiring enough new inbound links! And/or posting enough quality content on their site frequently enough.

  6. I don't think Google Pagerank matters anymore and for the most part Google search is irrelevant for getting quality traffic to your blog or site.

    Most webmasters have already learned that being active in forums and commenting on quality blogs brings them more high quality traffic and returning traffic than Google or Yahoo ever will turn you. Plus 90% of search engine traffic will "bounce" at a much higher rate than traffic from social networking.

    SEO is dead, Google killed it, long live Social Networking.