Google to Promote Its “Knol” as Wikipedia Competitor

This was news to me when I read it at the Time Online. The gist of the article, as I understand it, is that Google will solicit content article writers who can share in advertising earnings. This knowledge database will compete with Wikipedia, per the article: “Google is to go head-to-head with Wikipedia, the web’s largest reference work, in a clash of two of the internet’s most powerful brands.”

Interestingly, this is apparently planned as non-collaborative content, whereby content creators will effectively rival each other. This description made it sound sort of like Squidoo to me. In addition to its current search results (and other) pages, Google will also be able to advertise on content pages that it controls.

This is hardly Google’s first move into the content space though for me it represents something new. I’m interested to learn more about this and to see how it unfolds.

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4 Responses to Google to Promote Its “Knol” as Wikipedia Competitor

  1. Mike Murray says:

    Danny Sullivan has a substantial piece on the topic as well:
    Personally, I predict that it will be substantially revamped before its even officially released. Spam, content integrity and ad option issues abound. I'd hate to see Knol dominate the SERPs, but it's inevitable regardless of what version they release.

  2. Brook Schaaf says:

    Very interesting read. Thanks for posting, Mike.

  3. The most important for me who will decide what content is valid or correct. Of course spammers will have a field day till someone finds a way of approving links/comments/content.

    Will Gooogle give Knol priority in search ranking or not??

    And do we really need another online encylopedia? Only if the quality is there!

  4. Brook Schaaf says:

    Google used to link to Yahoo Maps and Mapquest, as I recall, but no longer does so. I wouldn't be surprised to see them give preference to knol content.