Killer Combo: SedoPro Domain Parking Plus Adsense Accelerator

Having run an ISP in my past, and having worked at Network Solutions, I have a warm place in my heart for Domainers and have dabbled in the domaining business myself. In May I posted a story on my domain addiction. While I have pulled back a bit from my online auction addiction, having spent way to much that May, I have been playing around more and more with some of the parking services to make some PPC revenues on those domains.

While looking through my SedoPro account, I noticed I had a bunch of domains that were getting a lot of traffic but not making much money. This typically happens when you haven’t optimized the name for the right keywords. Sedo Pro gives me a lot more flexibility on setting keywords than other set and forget parking services. This is good if you want to spend the time to self optimize your domain, but not so good if you aren’t sure what terms to select.

For example, I purchased the domain because the number if inbound links and estimated traffic. The biggest problem is that most of the traffic is from Japan, and I don’t speak Japanese. The Wayback machine and Google translation tools told me the site was primarily about Tea.

So now the question was, what keywords should I put on the parked page? Sedo let’s you have country specific pages and country specific keywords, and finding Japanese symbol for tea wasn’t too hard, but that may or may not be what people are paying to advertise one.

As a paid search marketer, I am often trying to find the tail terms that are inexpensive and don’t have many people bidding on them, when I am adding keywords to a parked page, I actually want to find the head terms that people are bidding the most on.

Enter AdSense Accelerator, This tool is a great way to find the terms that people are bidding the highest amount of money for. For parking sites, that means the terms that when clicked will actually make you the most money.

With AdSense Accelerator I can look at expensive terms via categories, or give it a term and find similar keywords and strings and their associated bid prices. When I entered “茶” for Tea, it showed me that people were also bidding to show ads on the following terms 緑茶. 云雾茶, ゴーヤ, 飲み物, æ„›, 生, ジャスミン, and プーアール茶. Now I don’t know what they mean, but I do know that 緑茶 is making me $79.27 RPM and 飲み物 is making me $90 RPM. That’s good enough for me!

I have also used AdSense Accelerator to identify good domain names to purchase, It’s a tool worth checking out. Also, if you have a bunch of domains and want to exercise more control over the keywords and look and feel, try Sedo Pro. Send me your email address and I will get you the SedoPro endorsement code you need to get an account setup there.

Oh and if you have time to look up those Japanese words, let me know what the mean!


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17 Responses to Killer Combo: SedoPro Domain Parking Plus Adsense Accelerator

  1. McRobert says:


    fantastic post! I've gotten hooked on domains as well recently… was wondering if you could send me your SedoPro endorsement code? I have a handful of domains that I'd like to try SP on.

    McRobert Meek

  2. Scott Jangro says:


    茶 is not the term for Tea. It's the term for Space Invaders…

    茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶
    茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶
    茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶 茶

    Seriously, great post. that's some good work there.

  3. Jan says:

    Nice post, endorsement code would be appreciated.

  4. Rick says:

    Enjoyed reading your post…

    Helpful in understanding Adsense…

    Could you please send me your SedoPro endorsement code?

  5. Adam Viener says:


    I am glad you enjoyed my post. I have sent you the Sedo Endorsement code. If anyone else would like one please let me know.


  6. Arber says:

    Thanks for this great post about SedoPro.

    Can you send me Sedo Endorsement code ?


  7. Adam,

    Thanks for the insightful post! Steve and I orginally created AdSense Accelerator with support for English only. While we now support most European languanges (no Asian languages) it's nice to know you found a way to make it work with Japanese (ironically I have a degree in Japanese Lang and Lit!)

    I tried your example of "cha" 茶 – more often referred to colloquially as "O-cha"- and got good results, too.

    In the AdSense Accelerator tool itself, the Japanese characters looked like "Garbage" character, but when I pasted the results into a word processor that supports Japanese, the proper Japanese characters appeared. Very cool!

    We will be releasing AdSense Accelerator 3.0 this fall, and a new extensive "Cash Keywords" tool with data Affiliate Marketers will love. We started producing keyword data thru Cash Keywords back in Jan 2005.



    AdSense Accelerator

  8. syed says:


    Nice post. Could you please send me Sedo Pro Endorsement code?


  9. Balogun says:

    Trying my hands in domain business too. Looking for ways of improving it. Honestly I found this interesting, please send me the sedopro endorsement code

  10. Adam Viener says:


    Thanks, the endorsement code is on it's way!


  11. Adam Viener says:

    Here is a SedoPro Endorsement code good for 7 days, if this doesn't work for you, let me know and I will have one sent out to your email address.

    Endorsement Code, usable only by you within the next 7 days: c7e8586a11

    Good Luck!


  12. Balogun says:

    Unfortunately the code does not work, I will appreciate if you could send one to my email. Thanks for your attention

  13. Adam

    Thanks for the tip about Adsense Accelerator! If you are still sending out sedo endorsement codes, I'd love one as well. If not, thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

  14. Adam Viener says:


    Thanks, your Sedo Endorsement code is on the way.


  15. juno1 says:

    If you have a good domain name you should recieve natural traffic to your site. I have one domain that gets over 100 hits a day and was never registered before. It only makes about a dollar a day, but that more than pays for itself and 35 other domains a year. I see it as a way to offset the cost of investments that are still waiting to be developed. If anyone is wondering what a page looks like google has an Example Page here.

  16. Nashim says:

    Sorry, digging up an old article. But this is great help as I too am interested in domains.

    Is it possible and not too much hassle if I could also have a sedopro endoresment code please, if you are still offering.


  17. Adam Viener says:


    I have sent you an endorsement code.