New Media – New Conditions Require New Policies and Rules

I mentioned to several people at Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, the story of what happened to me to illustrate that the social media space is still the unknown frontier for most people out there.

The folks, who are working and playing at the edge, sometimes do not realize how far out they actually are and that the mainstream sometimes is far beyond the “horizon”, having no idea about what you are doing and about the environment you are active in.

I used my personal (not very much marketing related) blog to write in detail about the issue that I ran into, because it involves me as a person and legal stuff,where I don’t want to get as a separate entity into. You can find the details at my personal blog, but the underlying general issue is worth talking about here.

There is also a rather funny part to be added to the whole story, which is missing in my other post and that I would like to tell you here, in video format. I am trying to do a bit more with video. I am not an American, so you are forced to listen to a thick German accent. However, the video format has multiple advantages. One, it’s quicker to record a video and just talk (what I do a lot) than writing down everything that I want to say (what I also do a lot or did in the past). Second, the video format should be easier to digest for you. I also have the opportunity to show stuff, rather than just talk about it. I am open to comments, suggestions, complaints and praise. You can express your thoughts in the comments section below.

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p.s. I have to make a correction to what I said in the video. The physical laws are of course the same on Earth as they are on the Moon. The correct verbage would have been to say that the conditions on the Moon are very different to that on Earth.

General Take-Away

The general take-away from this post, video and the post I referred to is that you should sit down and check and re-evaluate your internal policies and rules regarding your copyright protected content, which you already have in place for traditional media and publications to determine if those policies and rules are still making sense in the social media realm or not. This is especially important, if you have employees who follow those rules and enforce those policies across all media channels on your behalf.

The regular clerk in Marketing or Legal will not question the rules and policies that were set in stone for him. It is up to the management and executives who established those rules to make the necessary changes for the changing media landscape and those new distribution channels that your content is taking, legally or not so legally. You cannot apply the same rules to a customer and fan of your products, which expands on your marketing message and (in his eyes) improves or clarifies it, as you apply to your distribution and traditional media publishing partners.


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