News Brief: Affiliate Window Rebrands in US and Touts Transparency

Managing three brand names just creates a lot of confusion on your business card. Which is why it comes as little surprise that officially announced today that it is rebranding as its global parent company, Affiliate Window. The primary goal of this rebranding is Affiliate Window’s push to expand into the US market. According to Mark Walters, President of Digital Window Inc;

“The US market is advancing and the levels of sophistication of our advertiser and publisher partners require a platform capable of coping with those demands. New technology is supposed to make life easier, add value or deliver innovation and we hope our clients feel that the new platform delivers all three. Everything we do has these three elements in mind and ensures we are consistently reinventing what we know and what our partners need.”

Currently there are several marquee brands already working with Affiliate Window in the US including: Ticketmaster, British Airways, and Skype. The UK affiliate market has always been touted as more less secretive than the US market. As the leader in the UK, Affiliate Window sees that as a big differentiator in their offering.  Peter Loveday, Chief Technical Officer for Affiliate Window stated:

“{We will be} providing unparalleled levels of transparency and openness for all our partners, this solution redefines relationship building within the industry and sends a clear message on how we see the market developing.”

They are no doubt hoping that the desire for transparency and openness will help them take business away from their US counterparts. At least merchants will now know which domain address to send an email to.

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