Online Video Converts! What’s Your Strategy? Do You Have One?

Haven’t heard the news yet? Online video converts, and I mean BIG TIME! Check out this chart and link from the Wall Street Journal.


So first look at the left pie chart on the left. 59% of the people surveyed admitted to having seen a video on the Internet. Not sure what planet the “I don’t know” 14% live on.

Now to the right. Of those 59% who watched an online video…

22% requested information

18% went to a store

15% made a purchase

9% signed up for a trial

3% ordered a subscription

Would you call those conversion goals? Would you kill for those off-the-chart conversion numbers? I sure as heck would!

So according to this report, online video converts.

But are companies starting to use video to their advantage?

In the performance space, I just recently noticed that Marketleverage is beginning to use videos to help promote their offers. Pretty, pretty smart.

Watch this video. Kinda makes you wonder why other big networks aren’t doing this yet? I wonder that as well. A big “hmmmmm”.

Online video is hot. Still don’t believe the hype? Why not?

What’s holding you back from getting started? Maybe you think you can’t get it done on your own? Many web video production companies are popping up left and right, with the promises of helping you drive sales, leads and publicity. So hire a pro if you want help.

So I ask you, ReveNews reader, online/affiliate/search/email/ppc marketer…

What’s your video strategy? Or do you still have a bunch of excuses on why you can’t do it yet?

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8 Responses to Online Video Converts! What’s Your Strategy? Do You Have One?

  1. Pat Grady says:

    I generally avoid the hype, preferring to let others try everything new then I walk in efficiently and use things known to work. For me though, video advertising on the Internet is so similar to proven video venues (namely tv, but not soley) that I didn't need to wait for maturity and proof. Been running video ads successfully for quite a while now, no excuses here.

    I recently spent the day with another marketer that uses the flip video thing you recommend in your blog entry (linked above) and can see it's going to lower the entry barrier considerably. I've been using a lot of motion graphics and digital animation, but now, I'm thinking of grabbing one of those flip devices as well. The marketer I saw using it (and her resultant posted videos), tells me this path is gaining momemtum. The personalization of it all also strikes me as a bona fide way affiliates can add real value, in myriad ways.

  2. Jim Kukral says:

    Hey Pat, good to hear that you're on top of it. I knew you would be. Got any ads or video you can share?

    I agree, the flip is changing things for sure. See you in Vegas, we'll take some videos.

  3. Pat Grady says:

    Share, no thanks, but I will say that the AdWords Click-To-Play arena (for content network distribution) is where mine are best being used. The opportunity to show my videos for free (CTP video ads only incur a PPC click cost IF the consumer clicks through to my site) has been wonderful for me.

    To me, it's a little like showing an ad on TV and only paying for people who visit your site, not paying for ad showings. That's dreamy scrumptious for an ROI marketer.

    Another way to view it, is to contrast it with a banner or text ad in the content network… I can say and show a lot more with a video ad, to further prequalify my PPC traffic, by showing a video of what awaits the consumer at my site.

    Also, the folks who are viewing my videos, have chosen to see more – I pride myself on both precision targeting and being handsomely suave… ads injected into another viewing experience are yucky… folks viewing my ads are browsing and looking for exactly what I offer, and they want to know more – they click on my video knowing it's an ad!

    There may be other affiliates doing this, but I have yet to meet one. Granted, I don't get out much and affs are notoriously tight lipped, so who knows – but the cost model is a very atractive one. Some big brand merchants are doing it, but as usual they're trying to spray too widely and, in the "target well, pay less" AdWords environment, they're not getting the kind of ROI I'm getting for sure.

    See you in Vegas buddy.

  4. Jim Kukral says:

    I'm not sure what else you need people? Pat just confirmed it works, what else more can we say? Follow the leader is what I say. Too bad Pat won't give up his secrets. Maybe if we get him drunk enough in Vegas.

  5. Jason says:

    Hey, guy's first time here and what a wonderful nuget I have found within, you guys sound like there is a get together in Vegas soon, when is that and what is that? I am a lead generation company, or at least trying to be. I could use all the pointers I can get! Anyone willing to pass on some direction to me, I am all ears. as a publisher, mabey even letting me know what you guys want from a publisher to get the best results, and to have a mutually benificial relationship would be great news also. just less than a month old, we are still a pup and need some insite to sucess. thanks Jason

  6. Tom says:

    video Ads certainly do convert and considering you can get a professional production for as little as $79 (at why would you not jump on this.

    I'm like a kid in a candy store 🙂

  7. dee says:

    Video is the way. And professional production is great but you can do your own if you're on a shoe string. And, it's a blast!

  8. Mark says:

    That's a very good post about conversion Jim. It's a perennial problem among many marketers these days, it's easy to get traffic, but is it converting?