Product Sourcing Scams Revealed

I am thrilled to announce that Chris Malta and I have just e-published a new book called Product Sourcing Scams Revealed. Quite honestly, the reason for the book is that we got mad. Furious, actually. We both agree that we are sick and tired of scammers selling useless and stupid so-called “information” on wholesale and dropship suppliers. It not only wastes money but, more importantly, it wastes the buyer’s time and slows the success of a business. For some, the discouragement might even lead them to quit altogether.

Here’s an example:

– – –

“What I’m offering you is a list of over 150 sites that offer dropshipping on tons of different products.

These are the sites that other people don’t give out because they don’t want anyone else selling their products. Why am I telling you my sites? Because it’s not about selling everything on the site or just the best products on the site. Most of my profit comes from the overlooked items that are rare to find. I’d give you this list for free if I could, the only reason why you pay at all is because of the e-bay and paypal fees.”

The cost of this is one cent.

Let me ask you a question: if YOU were making money with products from a supplier, would you sell that information for one cent – and thereby create competitors for yourself?

I know that I wouldn’t!

– – –

Another one sells a “top secret” CD and says,

“When You Buy This CD, I Will Give You 100% Full Resell Rights! That’s Right!

You Will Be Able To Reproduce This CD And Resell It Any Way You Wish!


Suppliers move, change their contact information or policies, go out of business, etc. With this CD there can be no updating whatsoever. So, even if the suppliers were worthwhile initially (highly doubtful, and the seller offers no proof that they are valuable), there can never be any updating. Instead, long chains of people just keep buying and selling the same old tired CD, trying to recoup the money they wasted.

– – –

Product Sourcing Scams Revealed covers two main topics:

1. How to recognize REAL wholesalers and dropshippers and how to find them for yourself
2. How to recognize the Junk Information sellers that haunt the Net

Chris Malta is a partner in a wholesale and dropship company in NY, so he knows the business from the supplier side. Sydney Johnston has used these suppliers for years in her Internet businesses, so she has the user perspective.

The book only cost $1 and this small sum is donated 100% to the Boys and Girls Club Of America.

You can find Product Sourcing Scams Revealed here:

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