Tips On Marketing Your Crowdfunding Page

You market your website, your business in general, and even your social media accounts. You market yourself because marketing is the one sure thing to breed a successful business. Whether you are an established business, or you are just getting started, marketing is important.


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Even if you aren’t a business, but you started a crowdfunding campaign to earn money for something, whether it is to publish your first book or get some money towards a past due medical bill, you have some marketing to do. Just like you should market your business, you also need to put the work into marketing your crowdfunding campaign. It’s the only way to succeed and get the funds you need.

Use Your Social Media

You share your website, your hopes and dreams, and even your latest selfie on your social media accounts. You should also be sharing your crowdfunding campaign, at least once a day, across each of your social media sites. If you are like many people you have different friends and followers on each of your social media platforms (though some might be the same), so sharing everywhere can help you reach more people.

Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to share a link to your campaign too. It could help you find more followers and more donations as well.

Email People

Don’t expect that everyone is going to notice your post on social media. People don’t spend all day checking out their news feeds, so it’s possible for them to miss your post. However, if you directly email people, they will be sure not to miss it (unless you end up in their spam folder).

Don’t just send one message to numerous people, individualize it so that they know you took the time to specifically reach out to them for assistance.

Blog About It

It helps to write a blog post, or two, about your campaign. Make sure to include why you need the money, what you are going to do with it, and maybe even steps you’ve taken since your first donation went through.

People like updates and you don’t need to save them for your campaign, share more in-depth updates on your blog, social media, and even in emails to people that showed interest from your original email.

Make sure your campaign has a face to put to the campaign. People are more likely to donate when they can see who the money is going to, which is why videos help as well. Market as much as you can, and you’ll be more likely to reach your monetary goal.

Crowdfunding doesn’t work for everyone, but it can. You really just need to promote the heck out of it if you want people to actually find it.

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