Top 10 Must See Sessions at BlogWorld 2010

Since merging with New Media Expo, BlogWorld has experienced massive growth. That growth hasn’t always gone smoothly as evidenced by last year’s growing pains. But Co-Founders Rick Calvert and Dave Cynkin seem to have learned from those missteps, and done a great job of providing a rockstar lineup of content for this year’s attendees.

So before TechKaraoke brings the house down at The Palms Casino, here is my pick for the top ten sessions at BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 that you can’t afford to miss:

1) Ethics And Social Media Marketing
Location: Islander H/1
Session:12:15 PM – 1:15 PM, Saturday, October 16, 2010.

The fact is many companies who enter into the social media space don’t understand the basics of engagement much less measurement. Without a basis of measurement it is easy to game the system. Unethical gurus, agencies, and marketers can pad their numbers with comment spam, ghost tweets, and fake reviews that create no value to business. Part of it has to do with educating businesses about the potential pitfalls of such tactics. It’s good to see the social media community focusing on the importance of ethics because a movement based on trust needs a solid ethical foundation. With Jay Baer and Jeremy Wright on the panel it should be quite lively.

Panelists for the Ethics And Social Media Marketing session include:

  • Patrick O’Keefe, Founder, iFroggy Network, @iFroggy
  • Jeremy Wright, CEO,, @jeremywright
  • Brandon Eley, Author, EleyMedia LLC, @beley
  • Jay Baer, Founder, Twitter 20 Interviews, @jaybaer

2) The Business Of Product Reviews: Ethics, Etiquette, And Legalities
Location: Tradewinds C/9
Session: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Friday, October 15.

Continuing the ethics theme, product reviews in blogging are a staple of content and can mean big business. Since the FTC stepped in to regulate reviews and endorsements the legal if not the ethical landscape has changed for bloggers. Still, the basics of keeping audience trust by being transparent when products are comped or reviews are paid is key to maintaining a loyal readership.

Panelists for The Business Of Product Reviews: Ethics, Etiquette, And Legalities session include:

  • Carleen Coulter, Blogger, Beauty and Fashion Tech

3) Social Media & ROI
Location: Islander I/3
Session: 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM, Friday, October 15th.

Measurement is not sexy, which is why many social media gurus spend time focusing on what I call the “warm and fuzzy” metrics of social media instead of looking at the true ROI of their efforts. Which is too bad because those who don’t dive into the analytics are simply leaving money on the table. With measurement experts from Radian6 and Ernst & Young on the panel the insights into how to measure social media initiatives should be very interesting.

Panelists for the Social Media & ROI session include:

  • David Alston, CMO, Radian6, @davidalston
  • Don Bartholomew, Vice President of Digital Research, Fleishman-Hillard, @donbart
  • Connie Bensen, Director of Social Media & Community Strategy, Alterian, @cbensen
  • Ken Burbary, Digital Strategy & Social Media, Ernst & Young, @kenburbary

4) Using Analytics To Listen To Your Customers
Location: Tradewinds C9
Session: 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM, Thursday, October 14th.

Keeping with the ROI theme, the fact this session promises to dive into such matters as A/B testing, and click funnels makes the data monkey in me very happy and makes this a perfect companion session to the bigger picture panel discussion above.

Panelists for the Using Analytics To Listen To Your Customers session include:

  • Gahlord Dewald, President, ThoughtFaucet @gahlord

5) Monetization Super Panel
Location: Islander G
Session: 2:45 PM – 5:00 PM, Friday, October 15th.

With marquee names like Darren Rowse, Anita Campbell, and John Chow on a panel you know you are going to be learning from some of the best in the industry. The fact that former ReveNews Managing Editor Jim Kukral is going to be moderating it just means even in a two hour session the conversation will never have a dull moment. Be sure to bring plenty of questions.

Panelists for the Monetization Super Panel session include:

6) Treating Your Blog Like A Business
Location: Islander D/5
Session:11:00AM – 12:00PM, Saturday, October 16, 2010.

All the great monetization tips in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t approach blogging with some business savvy. Doesn’t mean you can’t be a hobbyist, but if you wanted to be a hobbyist you probably shouldn’t attend this conference.

Panelists for the Treating Your Blog Like A Business session include:

  • Lisa Morosky, Founder,, @LisaMorosky
  • Nathan Hangen, Co-Founder, Roark Media, @nhangen
  • David Risley, President, PC Media, @davidrisley
  • Mike Cliff Jones, CEO, Beyond Blogging Corporation, @mikecj
  • Jordan Cooper, Founder & CEO, @NotAProBlog

7) 5 Strategies Bloggers Should Learn From Online Marketers

Location: Islander D/5
Session: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM, Saturday, October 16th.

Now that you have the right business mind set, one of the key elements to success is conversion. This is true whether you are promoting your own product, displaying an affiliate link, or simply trying to get readers to subscribe to your newsletter. Marketers have been refining conversion tactics for years, this panel promises to give some insights into their strategies. That is if Scott Stratten doesn’t break into song first; then who knows what direction the panel will go?

Panelists for the 5 Strategies Bloggers Should Learn From Online Marketers session include:

  • Scott Fox, Author, Internet Riches and e-Riches 2.0 , @Scott_Fox
  • Shayne Tilley, Marketing Manager, SitePoint @shaynet
  • Brandon Eley, Author, EleyMedia LLC, @beley
  • Scott Stratten, President, Un-marketing, @unmarketing

8 ) Mom Bloggers: Blog for Money, Not Swag!
Location: Mariners A/12
Session: 12:15 PM – 1:15 PM, Friday, October 15th.

Companies have long expected so-called Mommy Bloggers to promote their products in exchange for swag. While this may be a good way to get free stuff, it’s a poor way to grow a business. And frankly mom bloggers have bigger reach and bigger audiences than ever before. With the right tools moms can monetize that reach quite nicely.

Also let me give all the mom bloggers a little hint: the Blogher Network isn’t the only ad network out there, and they don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind. It’s smart to shop around before choosing a network partner. Just saying…

Panelists for the Mom Bloggers: Blog for Money, Not Swag! session include:

  • Kelby Carr, Founder, Type A Mom Conference, @typeamom
  • Amy Lupold Bair, Founder, Global Influence Network, @ResourcefulMom
  • Katja Presnal, Community Director, Collective Bias, @katjapresnal
  • Kimberly Blaine, Social Marketing Director, Early Childhood Mental Health Campaign, @TheGoToMom
  • Lucretia Pruitt, Social Media Consultant, Social Media Matters, @LucretiaPruitt

9 ) The 7 Harsh Realities of Blogging for Bucks
Location: Islander G
Session:9:30 AM – 10:30 AM, Saturday, October 16, 2010.

Darren Rowse makes my list twice this year with this panel. Joining him are blogging megastars Brian Clarke and Sonia Simone. They’re here to share some war stories and their business smarts. I know it’s an early Saturday morning panel, you should still get your butt to their session; hangover and all.

Panelists for The 7 Harsh Realities of Blogging for Bucks session include:

10) Creating Customer Loyalty using Social Media, A Look 2 Years Later
Location: Islander C/2
Session: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM, Thursday, October 14th.

The idea of bringing a panel back together to see how their opinions have changed and discuss how the industry is evolved is a very smart idea. What will be most interesting in this discussion is hearing what caught them by surprise over the last two years.

Panelists for the Creating Customer Loyalty using Social Media, A Look 2 Years Later session include:

  • Brian Solis, Principal, Futureworks, @briansolis
  • Toby Bloomberg, President, Bloomberg Marketing, @TobyDiva
  • Frank Eliason, SVP of Social Media, Citi, @frankeliason
  • Becky Carroll, President, Petra Consulting Group @bcaroll7

That’s the rundown of my picks for BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010. What sessions are you looking forward to?

About Angel Djambazov

Born in Bulgaria, Angel Djambazov has spent his professional career in the fields of journalism and online marketing. In his journalistic career he worked as an editor on several newspapers and was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Wyoming Homes and Living Magazine. Later his career path led to online marketing where while working at OnlineShoes he earned the Affiliate Manager of the Year (2006) award at the Affiliate Summit, and In-house Manager of the Year (2006) award by ABestWeb.

For four years Angel served as OPM for Jones Soda for which he won his second Affiliate Manger of the Year (2009) award at Affiliate Summit.

Currently Angel serves as OPM for KEEN Footwear and His former clients include: Dell, Real Networks, Jones Soda, Intelius, Graphicly, Chrome Bags,, Vitamin Angels, The Safecig, and Bag Borrow or Steal.

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9 Responses to Top 10 Must See Sessions at BlogWorld 2010

  1. Among all the hundreds of sessions .. thanks! We appreciate the shout out. Hope our paths cross at BWE.

  2. metricsman says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Angel. We plan to rock that Social Media ROI session. @Donbart

  3. Thanks so much for including our session. And as number one, no less! We've put in a lot of work developing the panel itself and I can't wait to see it in action. Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for including my session on the business of product reviews. I hope it will be an enlightening and useful session. I also want to toss out a recommendation for the Mom Bloggers panel that you include on your list. I was happy to see that on the schedule and will touch on some of the same themes in my session as well.

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  6. Lisa Morosky says:

    Thanks for the recognition! We're super excited about our panel and bringing some "biz talk" to the forefront.

    Just an FYI – our moderator (Jordan Cooper) is actually @NotAProBlog on Twitter. 🙂

  7. Lucretia says:

    Putting all of these on my list now – thanks for doing all the legwork!

    And I’m very much agreed about spreading the news about ad networks – there really ought to be more overlap between mombloggers and affiliate marketing. Will work that in. 🙂

    • @djambazov says:

      I think affiliate marketing is just one of many models (CPC, CPL, CPV, CPM, etc.) that mom bloggers could take advantage of. There are so many ways to monetize content that I always encourage publishers to test out a variety to see which a) convert better; b) foster long term relationships with advertisers, c) are least disruptive to their audience.

      The problem with sticking only to one network, without shopping around, is that as the publisher you end up limiting both your optimization options and the type of advertisers you can work with. There is a whole wide world out there beyond the Blogher Network.