Coalitions Formed to Fight NebuAd

As more people learn about the tactics of NebuAd, more groups come out against them and they are organizing. ClickZ is reporting that six advocacy groups have formed a loose coalition to fight NebuAd. The groups so far are: Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), Public Knowledge, and Free Press.

They will be sharing resources and information in order to come together and provide information to the government watchdogs. One of the more interesting facts in the article talks about one other ISP who is still planning to conduct tests of NebuAd that is a DSL provider. They seem to think that since everyone hates the cable companies that they will be OK in doing the same thing that Charter just backed out of (or at least delayed until the hubbub blows over). The ISP, CenturyTel, completed a test run of this and are stating that they are still evaluating the results.

They are separating themselves because the legal issues have been linked to the Cable Communications Policy Act, and that “Charter is a cable company and we are not,” according to a CenturyTel spokesperson. That may be, but privacy laws are still out there – and so are the possibilities of Intellectual Property lawsuits as mentioned in my previous post.

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3 Responses to Coalitions Formed to Fight NebuAd

  1. Thanks for the coverage!

    I just learned an hour or two ago that CenturyTel has cut ties with NebuAd and they have removed all mention of the ad service from their Privacy Policy.

    I have updated NebuAd's wikipedia entry with the current and former players.

    Robb Topolski

  2. Pat Grady says:

    Brad, great reporting! Robb, the wiki deal is great, your selfless advocacy is deeply appreciated.

    The bad guys have so many tools, glad to see the good guys here wielding theirs with effect!

  3. ReveNews has the latest update