4 IT Department Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

4 IT Department Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Today’s company relies increasingly on technology for success. Between 2010 and 2013, the percentage of small business owners who felt keeping up with new technology was very important to the success of their company rose from 65 percent to 70 percent, according to a National Small Business Association survey. While having a tech support team […]

4 Traits That Make You a Better Online Marketer

Marketing is a quickly growing career field that offers a variety of great opportunities. Furthermore, online marketing has taken off in the last decade and become one of the most costly and important ventures for businesses of all sizes. The marketing field may be booming, but that doesn’t guarantee a job for all marketers. Those […]

Mind the Gap: 7 Essential LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

This article is from MissyWard.com where I regularly post about online marketing, business strategies, and internet marketing events. LinkedIn has nearly half a billion users, with two new members joining every second, according to Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. Because of its unique user demographic, smart companies and businesses are seeing the increased potential of […]

Gift Marketing: How to Not Be Creepy

Gift-giving may be the next big thing in the marketing world. Different from coupons and promotions, gifts are given to potential customers or influencers to get their attention. They can serve a number of purposes, ranging from a thank-you to a brand-building tool. But there’s a delicate line between what constitutes a great gift and […]

11 Ecommerce Website Tips for Startups

Starting an online business isn’t easy, especially given the extensive competition out there. It feels as if you can’t spit without hitting another business that’s offering the same products and services as you. Though competition is a challenge, the majority of companies will have weaknesses in certain areas where you can excel. Your website may […]

4 Ways for Franchise Owners to Leverage Social Media

For most business owners, especially new entrepreneurs, social media is a mouth-wateringly powerful tool. It can instantly connect your brand with millions of people all over the world, give you key insights into your target market, and best of all—it’s completely free to use (unless you’re pursuing a paid advertising campaign). You have total control […]

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4 Tricks to Immediately Increase Ecommerce Conversions

As a whole, the ecommerce industry is anything but stagnant. It’s a dynamic space that’s constantly evolving, thanks to an influx of new technologies and customer desires. For individual brands and websites, it’s necessary to stay on top of these changes to maximize conversions. Try These Conversion-Boosting Techniques You don’t want to be one of […]

7 Indexing Tips for a Better Website

When looking to rank well, content is among the most important criteria for a site. Websites that update their content regularly are much more likely to be crawled more often by the search engine spiders. You can post fresh content on a blog that is attached to your website. That is much easier than trying […]

5 Obstacles to Successful Data Management in Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns run on information. The goal is to create messaging that reaches and influences a target audience, but if you don’t know who your audience is, how they’re consuming media, or what could influence them, you can’t do your job effectively. “Data,” the big, ambiguous word referring to meaningful information you can collect on […]

4 Tips for Increasing Trust on Product Pages

So much effort is put into driving customers to product pages that it would be a shame to lose them after they arrive. A high bounce rate on a product page clearly indicates that something is wrong with your web design, user experience, or value offering. And in many cases, customers bounce because they don’t […]