“Help Wanted: Full Time Employment – Inquire within”.

Those were the days. If you needed help, you stuck your sign in the window and BAM someone walked in and asked you about the job you had to offer.

Opportunity Knocks

Employers now rarely come into contact with key active Candidates on their home turf anymore. The only recent case I can think of was a chance meeting where a candidate was showing up early for an interview down the hallway from GMB Direct for an Account Manager position. With it being 8 AM it was pretty easy for the employees of GMB Direct to hear someone just outside of their office. Upon hearing that this candidate was interviewing for an AM position, Gene Mikhov’s staff offered that candidate a coffee, explained what their company specializes in and mentioned that they too were also looking to fill an Account Manager position. Talk about opportunity knocking. This time opportunity not only knocked for that candidate, it also offered coffee.

In our experience within the Performance Marketing industry and in Recruitment in general these chance meetings don’t happen very much. That is why Employers have had to evolve with the times.

Performance Marketing JOBS“Evolve or Die and death is not an option” is a quote I heard from the founder of Monster.com years ago when he was speaking to a full room of VPs and Hiring Managers one day. They didn’t like the bluntness of the message but they knew they needed to pay attention. Why? because they were living the change in their personal lives.

Back in the early days of Online things were very different. Business cards didn’t have email addresses on them and you could stand on the Newspaper’s Careers section and be 2 inches taller. For those not familiar with the “Careers” section, it was published every 2 days and it cost over $10,000 for a decent sized Employment/Now Hiring ad and $100,000 for a full page. Now you can see why newspaper chains were so upset when Employment websites like Monster, Careerbuilder and Hotjobs started eating their lunch by offering job postings for 30 days for $199 or less…..and getting  better results for Employers.

This brings us to 2013, the best candidates are now web savvy, mobile, in demand, well connected and they rely on their connections to recommend the best places to work. Because of this you are seeing an evolution in the way that Employers recruit for new Employees. In short, they have to be savvier and leverage more “human” resources so that they can speed up the time-to-hire. Today’s top candidates are not available for long so it’s critical to catch them while they are in the active job seeking phase. Some of the resources that Employers are using to create greater awareness of their open career opportunities and to pull in better candidates are:

  1. Their own Social Media profiles
  2. Their employees’ Social Media profiles
  3. Utilizing recruiters to search and to promote their open career opportunities
  4. Utilizing niche focused employment sites
  5. Utilizing content marketing opportunities like interviews with publications like www.themail.com and www.performancemarketingjobs.com/featured-employer/.
With most positions at an Affiliate focused company generating tens of thousands of dollars in profit per month each hire is self-funded pretty quickly. Those hires, which have an associated Employer advertising or recruitment costs initially, are also the quickest way to drive incremental revenue. In some cases (where Employees have left the company), those quick hires have saved money from going directly to a competitor. How?..by keeping affiliate and advertiser relationships engaged.An empty desk can’t make phone calls. This is why it’s important for Employers to devote time and money to speed up their time-to-hire and to evolve with the times.
Welcome to the Evolution!

About Mike Carney

I started in Online in 17 years ago and have been in love with online solutions ever since. With extensive connections and a network of niche focused careers sites (some being PerformanceMarketingJOBS.com, AffiliateManagementJOBS.com and RealTimeBiddingJOBS.com) I’ve had the privilege of working with both the leading Talent in our space plus Premier Employers when they are looking to grow their businesses. Our goal is simple: We want to grow our industry one Employer and one candidate at a time.

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