Around The Turn & Heading Home, My Last Day As Publisher At ReveNews

My first blog entry at ReveNews was on March 1, 2005. Three months later in June 2005 I was officially handed the keys to the ReveNews community car. And I drove it pretty hard that first year. In fact, I don’t think I slept much behind the wheel that first year.

So here we are 3-months into 2007 and I am announcing that I’m officially handing the keys to ReveNews back to Wayne Porter. Where the ReveNews car will go now is something I’m sure Wayne will be letting you know soon. I will find out when you do.

I leave on my own accord, having spent over two-years working with ReveNews as one of my main focuses. Believe me, it’s hard to let go of something you have so much invested in, but on the same hand, I knew that for ReveNews to continue to grow that it was time for me to move on and let someone else run the rest of the race. It has been a learning experience and I’m grateful to have had it.

Thank Yous…

First off, a huge thank you to readers of ReveNews. Your readership and feedback over the past two-years was invaluable, and I don’t think we could have made the site as good as it is without it. You are the true heart and soul of what ReveNews is all about, so thank you.

Thanks also go out to every single blogger that wrote for the site. Your thoughts, analysis and insights are greatly appreciated. I learned a lot from you. Many of you have become friends. Don’t be a stranger, you know where to find me. Those of you who know me well enough know I don’t know how to stay idle for very long.

The last and biggest thank you goes out to Wayne Porter, who is the one who got me this gig in the first place and who guided me over the past two years. Wayne’s behind the scenes guidance, creativity & ideas were catalysts for me. The rumors are true people. Wayne does not sleep. How else do you think he’s so smart? I have seem him drinking Vampire wine- that is a true story.


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21 Responses to Around The Turn & Heading Home, My Last Day As Publisher At ReveNews

  1. Wayne Porter says:


    Thanks a ton for your hard work. I can appreciate how hard it is and hours it takes.

    We are at the cusp of a new era- thanks for seeing us there!


  2. Mike Allen says:


    Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be part of this vibrant community. I will miss your writings here but I know you won't be idle. I can't wait to see what's next on your agenda.


  3. Beth Kirsch says:


    You will be missed. 🙂 Thank you for all your hard work on ReveNews. It showed!

    All the best!



  4. Jess Luthi says:

    Jim, not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but your reach has stretched across the pond, so many thanks and good luck with the next adventure – Jess

  5. Jim: thanks so much for providing us with great stories. You will be missed. A personal thanks for welcoming me aboard here…yes, I will start writing again very soon!

  6. Thanks Jim! Your contributions to Revenews have been greatly appreciated.

  7. Jim Kukral says:

    @Lisa, thanks so much. For someone as busy you are to even have time to read…

    @Mike, it was my pleasure to have served you.

    @Beth, thanks for all of your candid feedback and thoughts especially two years ago when we launched, it helped.

    @Jess, I'm glad that RN was being read across the pond, thanks for your note.

    @Caryl, thanks for stopping by, good to hear from you.

    @Todd, I appreciate your note, especially since you're a legend now! :0

    @Mark, From one mid-westerner to another, thanks. When am I getting those Steeler tickets and an invite to PA?

  8. Jim,

    Congrats on moving ahead with your dreams and your career, it has been a joy and pleasure to work with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Heather Paulson

  9. Jim,

    I know how hard you have worked to build up the Revenews community and I truly appreciate your efforts. The result is clear…Revenews is the leading source of news for performance marketing news. I wish you the best of luck and hope we can still work together.

    Peter and the team

  10. Duane says:

    Great work these past two years. I was always amazed how you kept up with everything.

    Duane Kuroda

  11. Jim Kukral says:

    @Heather, you too! Thanks.

    @Peter, thanks so much. One day we'll cross paths ona gig, I'm sure of it.

    @Duane, so am I, hehe. Thanks for the note.

  12. Brook Schaaf says:

    Jim, I think you did a great job as publisher of ReveNews and you will be missed. Although it is hard to forgive you for leaving us with the likes of Wayne Porter, I with the best to you in the future. 😉

  13. Mike Payne says:

    Thanks for all your great work over the years here at Revenews. You've done a great service for our industry, we all owe you one in one way or another! Best of luck to your future endeavours. If those happen to be written, I'll be reading!

  14. Peter Koning says:

    Thanks for being a great skipper Jim. I'll keep reading the great ship Revenews on its voyage. I'm sure we'll hear from you soon, once you reach shore.


  15. Jim,

    I have been a very long time reader; however I have left very little if any comments. I wish you the best! I certainly will be following your next steps. You have always been a great pioneer and spokesperson for our industry.


  16. Brad Waller says:

    What else can I say after all the other letters? More of the same from me! See you in all the usual places.

  17. Jim Kukral says:

    @Dane, thanks. As long as you don't go away too. You're blog is too good to miss.

    @Brook, well, now you see that actually it's Sam instead of Wayne that will be doing the grind work. Thanks for the nice words.

    @Mike, thanks for the comment. You know where to find me,

    @Peter, pirates sometimes never reach shore. harrrrr!

    @Wade, thanks for the comment. I hope you decide to participate in the future more.

    @Brad, thanks to the future Legend Brad! Yeah, I'll be around, hopefully as long as you have been. You're an aff marketing staple, like milk for breakfast. Cheers everyone.

  18. Mike Murray says:

    You may be leaving, but your passion for this industry can't be diminished. Let the creativity flow…and enjoy the results.

  19. Gee, posted on the day I left for Germany. I am currently travelling backwards in time in order to be able to move forward again. I can't let you guys be by yourself in this country without me for over a week as it seems hehe. Kidding.

    Since I read newer posts already, e.g.

    Farewell, thanks and probably soon congratulations 🙂

    Cheers Carsten!

    p.s. regarding your "Cleveland" problem, remember, It's not the "place" that makes a good night, but the people you have around you. If the weather is nice take them somewhere outside, BBQ yourself or order something in advance (no pizza!).

    You are creative and come up with something nice and unique that will make the guests remember their stay in Cleveland.

  20. Jim Kukral says:

    @Mike, thanks buddy.

    @Carsten, thanks for the farewell. You'll see me around 🙂

  21. Vic says:

    Good Luck in your future endeavors. With your experience and quality of work i am sure you will be around for a long time.