How Facebook’s Story Bumping Will Work Wonders For Bloggers

Facebook is already on the path of making it even bigger. Regularly updated algorithms provide more easy options to be used by 700 million users of Facebook across the globe. The most popular of all, the News Feed, which is consumed by every avid Facebook user has now undergone another better algorithm update known as “Story Bumping” which is going to prove itself as another substantial change in bringing up the latest and relevant News Feed so that it doesn’t get lost while you were not using Facebook. You can say that this algorithm change is on somewhat Google’s path. The News Feed team claims that these updates are leading Facebook towards similar search complexities as Google and Bing practices. The only difference lies in the relevancy of the searched results. For instance, Google will search top ranked results and ask you if it’s relevant but with Facebook only you can confirm the relevance of the News Feed you get.

Earlier when the News Feed algorithm was new, people had less friends, less activity and therefore less News Feeds. But since content and Social Media Marketing has exploded, every day people have hundreds of stories to attend to. Be it the story of your cousin’s wedding, a baby born in your relative’s family or becoming friends with someone you never knew before. People need to stay updated and if for any reason you missed some of the stories, this algorithm will find out which stories most fascinate you and bump it up the next time you are available on your Facebook Page. Another update known as “First Actor” will play a better part in user engagement. First Actor will research your last 50 engagements with continuously looking into likes, comments and shares. This will give more relevance to pages and will determine what’s important for you accordingly.<!–more–>

Now, why would I connect this to Blogging? Because it’s a highly developing online business and every blogger is leveraging Facebook to gain more engagement. Every time you post a status along with your new blog post URL it appears in the News Feed eventually in the accounts of those following you or are friends with you. This is a common phenomenon every blogger generally uses to bring more readers to their blog. I personally believe that with the help of “Story Bumping” reader engagement can be enhanced and more traffic can be driven. Let’s first know what it means for Bloggers.

What’s In It For Bloggers?

In case any of you misjudged engagement and felt it as ‘Not That Important’ it’s time you finally come aboard and know that online engagement is the most important factor in bringing forward your blog and converting it into a brand worth coming back for. Now, being more relevant, Story Bumping will push up the content that seems more relevant to readers engaged with you recently making it an important story for your regular followers eventually increasing it’s sharability. And what First Actor will do to your content is no matter how many people engage with your content like comment and share, every point of engagement will appear in the News feed of your readers/followers Facebook wall, even when it’s getting bumped up again and again.

What Bloggers Need To Do?

  • Create Highly Absorbing Facebook Content – To create highly engaging content on Facebook you first need to make sure that your blog post is of utmost quality and relevance. Once you produce a unique post you are keen to share it on Facebook but this time you should think about doing it in terms of Story Bumping. So you need to create a status/content that is striking and well placed for instance, after publishing this post on Search Engine Journal it will post a status which will say:

“Facebook; There is always more to it. Find out what Facebook’s story bumping has in store for you! A piece of Cake for Bloggers”

I’ll put up the URL of the with blog post with this status, sure you already do that. This is how I’ll try to attract bloggers to come and have a look at the post. Not every blogger/reader is available online all the time so Story Bumping will bump it up because it’s not only new News, but it’s new to you. The more attractive the status is the more are the chances of getting high traffic to your blog. Another way to attract more people is to create variety of content to explore the ways you are going to portray your blog post on Facebook. Some people are visualizers so you need to use high quality images, and trust me infographics work best! So every time your story bumps up this infographic image will flash again and again. Also use DIY and How-To tips and image quotes to add a verbal flavor to it.

  • Call-To-Action Will Increase the Bump Ups – According to Facebook the goal of News Feed is to deliver right content to the right person at the right time, rightly so. So bloggers need to be sure to include specific call-to-action terminologies while preparing the content for the News Feed. When you include call-to-action terms like ‘comment’, ‘share’ and ‘like’ in your post your chances of getting the same increases, you know that, but what will happen now is resurfacing of the older stories you posted will enhance the chances of getting complete attention whoever missed it. So it’ll be relevant to your regular readers at the right time actually in the real time for you. They will take the action you want them to take.

  • Optimize Your Facebook Page – Obviously you created a Facebook Page for your blog so you know that there is an extra benefit to page owners, which means that the most organic page post you created will have a higher chance to be shown to more people eventually increasing your readers. All you need to do is make your page interesting and visual enough so that each time a user visits it is bound to share your post and bring more potential readers. Use great Timeline quotes or images relevant to your business. Your logo should be interesting and the ‘About’ should pour enough information about your blog.

  • Assign Anticipatory Content For Each Day Of The Week –  You must have seen bloggers creating memes which is usually shared by mutual friends and if made interesting shared with others too. So you can assign each day of the week with interesting memes. For instance, your blog belong to social media niche. What you can do is assign Monday as the #SocialInfographicDay and maybe Tuesday as #SocialPosterDay and so on. You can also run this in parts making it a series of your special findings about the topic you are exploring, make it predictable to amaze your readers. Story Bumping and Last Factor will help populate this type of content more as it’ll appear in the News Feed at the time it’s needed most.

So, in case you missed something and don’t want to scroll all the way down to see what you missed this bump will give your News Feed a new life. This is still a new update and a lot can be experienced once everyone gets it and like I said earlier, there is always more to Facebook and I am curious to find out what and how it will actually be beneficial. Share your experiences with Story Bumping to inform more people about this new update.

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