RSS Year in Review

Now that 2006 is upon us, let’s look back at some of the great developments in RSS from 2005. Was 2005 the “year of RSS?” Maybe… It certainly was the year that RSS started to go mainstream, and the amount of innovation and forward thinking in 2005 has set the stage for 2006 to show record user adoption. I think we will see the true potential of RSS in the months to come. Here are some of the more interesting 2005 happenings. Add yours in the comments.

1/10 – CNBC presents an introduction to RSS segment on Closing Bell. Welcome Wall Street!

1/12 – John Robb presents the idea of a Global RSS Subscription Repository to make subscribing to RSS a universal function that eliminates automatic subscription buttons from large vendors.

1/18 – Rok Hrastnik releases the most comprehensive electronic book on RSS.

2/23 – The Associated Press begins to deliver content via RSS feeds. Can you say mainstream?

3/11 – Engadget features a slick new animated RSS screensaver for Mac OS X.

4/3 – Feedburner gets second round VC funding.

4/28 – Dave Winer calls for RSS ads on a subscription basis.

5/2 – Businessweek says that RSS aggregators “could turn the web on its head” by eliminating the need for web surfing.

5/17 – Google launches beta version of AdSense for feeds.

5/17 – Pheedo, launches Blog and RSS advertising network in Japan.

5/17 – Inaugural Syndicate conference is “Coming Out Party for RSS“.

6/24 – Microsoft announces that it will support RSS in Longhorn (now Vista) and Internet Explorer 7.

7/5 – The New York Times reports on the growth of RSS and the resulting RSS marketing opportunities.

7/21 – Pheedo releases the first ever Pheed Read report outlining RSS usage data.

7/30 – Much-publicized launch of RSS Investors, a VC firm with $100 million of capital that will focus exclusively on funding RSS ventures.

9/27 – Forrester announces that 6% of consumers are using RSS, up from 2% in 2004.

10/2 – Feedburner announces partnership with Feedblitz to give publishers the capability to deliver content to readers via email.

10/7 – Google releases RSS aggregator: Google Reader.

10/10 – Yahoo releases whitepaper: RSS – Crossing Into the Mainstream. Key findings include:
– 12% of users are aware of RSS and 4% knowingly use it.
– 27% of internet users use RSS without knowing it.

11/12 – Pheedo launches RSS analytics engine to help publishers track and optimize feeds.

11/16 – Yahoo! Publisher Network allows publishers to place ads in RSS feeds.

11/29 – Yahoo! integrates RSS reader into Yahoo! Mail.

12/4 – Target offers weekly ad via RSS.

12/8 – Google adds RSS capability, called Web Clips, to Gmail accounts.

12/12 – RSS Industry Night Roundtable, hosted by Rok Hrastnik, brings RSS industry leaders together to discuss the future of RSS.

12/14 – Pheedo releases second Pheed Read report.

12/15 – Microsoft announces use of orange RSS button in IE and Outlook.

12/24 – RSS to be integrated into Microsoft Outlook 12.

It’s been a great year, and we’re looking forward to some exciting new developments in RSS in 2006.

4 Responses to RSS Year in Review

  1. Alan Graham says:

    Great list…don't forget Feedster's index grew to over 20 million feeds.

  2. Toby says:

    Bill – Great recap. It's RSS on steriods. Thanks for putting it together.

  3. katoey says:

    20 million feeds and still growing. when will someone tame this monster ?

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