7 SEO On-site Factors Businesses Need to Understand and Implement

If you build it they will come. That’s what a lot of people think in regards to websites and visitors, though sadly it’s not true.

It’s something a lot of small business site owners don’t realise and often a crippling factor for businesses that rely heavily on Internet leads.

Search engine visibility does not come with a website design alone. There’s much more to improving your presence in the results pages than a nice logo and a smooth site, fast site – although some of these do help.google map icon

In fact, when building a website there are a number of things required to make it Google-friendly and we’re going to examine them here.

URL Structure

A well organised URL structure will be in silo form and will remove all the unnecessary parameters, limits and characters that are often added from an out of the box structure. Ideally, your URL structure should be as so:

  • Protocol>Subdomain>Domain>TLD>Folder>Page>Anchor

Page Speed

The load speed of the page is also very important and is becoming important within SEO, especially mobile SEO. The faster the page loads the better the user experience and the more likely and higher Google will rank the page.

Internal Site Structure

The internal structure of a site is one of the most overlooked areas of SEO and a lot of people don’t take it into account. The more link juice or Page Rank a site gets, the more likely it is to rank in Google’s search results. To increase the amount of Page Rank that passes to an internal page, the page needs links going to it. The more links, the more Page Rank, the fewer links the less Page Rank.

Being aware of this and promoting the right pages with a good internal structure is very important. This means not linking to non-essential pages.

Pop Ups

Some popups cause problems for crawlers, in that when the popup appears it traps the spider within it and leaves it without the ability to navigate or crawl elsewhere. According to SEO experts Dark Peak Digital, it’s also common for these popups to be indexed – something that only causes frustration when people click on them from the SERPs and increases a site’s bounce rate.


Schema mark-up came about in 2011 and since then has been integrated further and further into search engine results. The mark-up allows Google the opportunity to add more data about a site and its products. This HTML based mark-up can be a big help with visibility and click through rates and you can check if you’re implementing it correctly on Schema.org.


Adding the correct HTML elements to web pages will ensure Google understand the content and relevance of the web page content. Ensure all header tags, Meta data and Alt attributes work in tandem with best practices, which can be seen here.

User Experience

We’ve already mentioned how the page speed in terms of user experience impacts on the way people and search engines rank a site. However, there is more the user experience than page speed.

Google’s Panda algorithm filter is there to help ensure that pages offer the best quality user experience out there. At its very most fundamental, this means showing people and also searches engines respect and a high quality experience. So, ensuring there is rich and quality content on site, no hidden text and only a limited amount of advertisement are a start when hoping to improve user experience. Obviously the higher the quality of the experience, the better the site will perform with both people and search engines now and into the long term too.

Webmasters Tools

Set up a WMT account to keep a close eye on SEO and any site issues. If there is anything major Google will help by communicating directly with you and helping you address any issues.

These are just some of the on-site factors that matter when creating a site and optimising it for better search engine positioning.

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