Affiliate Summit 2008 – Marin Software “The Find”

Affiliate Summit 2008 – Marin Software “The Find”
by Heather Paulson –

Affiliate Summit 2008 hosted by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward was fantastic. The Rio all Suites Hotel offered very large accommodating rooms and the staff was spot on concerning service. The late night parties were full of ambiance and incredible conversation which is always fantastic but when I go to these conferences in the back of my mind I always hope to make “The Find”. A new service or technology that will blow my mind and guess what – I found it with Marin Software’s, Marin Search Marketerâ„¢.

Marin Search Marketerâ„¢ – Who are They?

Founded in April 2006 by experienced search marketers and software experts, Marin Software provides an enterprise-class paid search management application for advertisers and agencies. September 2007 was the official launch and introduction of their Paid Search management solution to the industry. Marin Software announced the preview of Marin Search Marketerâ„¢, on April 10th, 2007.
The team is a blend of folks from serious performance marketing companies (Adteractive, NexTag, Ionic Media, and high-end software companies (Trilogy, Siebel, Oracle,

NEW – Best of Breed Paid Search Management Solution

For all of you SEM’s out there imagine this…

  • A reporting tool that aggregates Yahoo!, Google and MSN paid search accounts into one reporting and management solution. Trending data for previous performance can be chosen against any date set!
  • Manage all three engines in one interface – Bids, ads, new search term research and inclusion, reporting. All in one easy interface for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN!

  • You can generally keep your existing destination URLs and just tell the software how to “read” them. Then you can upload revenue any time or way you want and Marin will stitch it together.
  • Trillion keyword search built in keyword generation and submission- instantly apply thousands of long tail terms to all of your search accounts in one motion, and apply them to the appropriate adGroups and campaigns for Google, Yahoo!, or MSN collaboratively. Guess what! Destination URL parameters for tracking can be automatically appended to all of your new keywords for each engine! AND you can easily reject specific words in your keywords such as free or cheap,  etc.
  • Bulksheet’s with Google easily converted and loaded into Yahoo! and MSN accounts.

  • Reporting that allows you to drag and drop important metrics into your reports for ease of customization.

  • Co-branded reporting allows you to aggregate all three engines and simply email them to your clients (or boss)!

  • Patent-pending bid optimizer based on campaign goals – Choose your campaign goals and choose the recommendation or customize your flexible bid allotments.

• Revenue
• Profit
• Leads or actions
• Margin / ROAS
• Branding or research

  • The unique thing about Marin’s approach is that it handles those low-volume tail terms efficiently. Now you can set bids on all keywords, not just the high-volume ones.
  • Unique pricing Model! – The monthly subscription fee for Marin Search Marketerâ„¢ is based on monthly paid search spending managed through the application. Pricing is not tied to the total number of keywords, bid changes, users or application logins. They are offering a 30 Day Free trial! The application is targeted at marketers spending $50K/mo and up on paid search, which would be 5%, or $2,500 per month (the rate drops for larger spending amounts).

Managing all three engines simultaneously has finally arrived! Keyword research and multi engine loading, bid rate management across all three main search engines based on goals, tracking appendage easily applied at keyword level, this is a must see tool for Paid Search agencies or merchants with large paid search accounts that are interested in the best of breed paid search management and reporting solution.
I have worked with many other paid search solutions and cannot tell you how excited I am about Marin Search Marketerâ„¢. Affiliate Summit 2008 showcases some of the best services and tools in our industry and I am excited to say I found Marin Search Marketerâ„¢ at Affiliate Summit 2008 in Las Vegas!

About Heather Paulson

Heather Paulson is the President of which provides Affiliate Management, Paid Search Management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management and affiliate video production and affiliate recruiting services.

Heather was appointed to the Affiliate Summit advisory board in 2006. In 2007 Ms. Paulson was appointed to the advisory board for Affiliate Classroom. In 2007 Ms. Paulson was elected as’s education manager. in 2008 Ms Paulson was nominated as a FAB member of the Performance Marketing Association and is an honorary recipient of the ACC Certified Affiliate Managers Course. in 2008 Heather Paulson was invited to become a member of The Internet Oldtimers Foundation. She has passed the Google professionals certification twice. Heather also blogs at Paulson Management Group Blog. You can follow Heather on Twitter: @Heatherpaulsons.

7 Responses to Affiliate Summit 2008 – Marin Software “The Find”

  1. Hayden Sulllivan says:

    Great post.

    Is there any equivalent tool for the smaller guy climbing up the PPC ladder who’s not at that monthly volume yet?

    At least a reasonably effective control panel that allows you to automate bidding?

  2. Hello Hayden!

    Perhaps market bearing Marin Software might have something soon for smaller PPC Accounts? Doesn’t hurt to check with them concerning this? I am hoping they release something along the lines of pricing for smaller agencies and budgets. The feature set is fabulous and really worth the fees they are charging.

    Perhaps the following PPC management tools would be worth looking into and might accommodate your needs? Let me know what you think.

    I am always hunting for new PPC Tools and analytics solutions, if you find anything let me know..

  3. Hayden,

    Marin Software let me know that.

    "We will be introducing a self service model in 2008; so please check back with us then."

    Many people will be happy about this, so will I!

  4. Great post and great find with Marin Search Marketer; these guys are on top of it! It’s so nice to see new technologies being built to support our industry.

  5. Hello,

    I dreamed that these tools would come, they are coming out now.. Amazing to have them we are in an exciting time right now! Thanks for your comments Brandan!

    I was literally jumping up and down in front of the demo, guy was looking at me funny, I think I clapped a few times as well.. Got a little excited.. he, he..

  6. jack says:

    I was NOT impressed after going through the training. Especially for the price: between 2% – 5%. Spending $50,000 a year on a $1,000,000 PPPc campaign so that I could basically clone campaigns is not worth much. Cost even more if you are a bigger spender. WAY over-priced for companies that are lazy and rich. Probably worth a $1,000 a year tops.

    Most of the PPC platforms are pretty decent and let you optimize them, and report, from within them.

    A clone tool should be easy to find. It would interfere with other programs if your focus was ROI, or lowering cost per conversion. Also, finding a simple and centralized reporting interface tool is not tough or expensive either.

    P.s. its not "Trillion," but rather "Trellian" which is free / $30 a month.

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