Learn How To Improve Your Search Engine Visibility, For Free!

If you have a Website and feel that it needs some tuning to improve its ranking in the search engines, then there is some possible help available for you, free.

Search Engine Journal opened its SEO Clinic where volunteers can submit their sites to.

The broad mix of editors and search marketing experts of Search Engine Journal will frequently pick one of the sites that applied to participate in the SEO Clinic and review it.

They will point out possible problems and provide tips on how to improve the sites overall visibility in the main search engines Google, Yahoo!, MSN/MS Live and Ask.com.

Submission to the clinic is not restricted to affiliate sites only. Also small merchant sites are welcome or personal websites.

It is free, so you don’t have anything to loose but get the chance to gain a lot.

Interested? See Details at the Search Engine Journal Website.

p.s. Speaking of free SEO / Marketing advice: Site owners that volunteer their websites and get choosen for the column also benefit from the free exposure and link from a trusted site with PageRank 7 and large readership. You are welcome :).

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6 Responses to Learn How To Improve Your Search Engine Visibility, For Free!

  1. G-Man says:

    It's definitely not a bad idea 🙂

    I submitted my site because I'd like to have 500 subscribers by the end of March. Not quite related to SEO though as Loren pointed out.

    Hey, out of curiousity, is that a plugin that you're using that has the "remember me" stuff above?


  2. Hi G-Man. You would have to ask Jim Kukral about the "Remember" me option for MovableType. I am not even sure how and if it works properly, because I still have to enter everything when I comment, no matter if I select "Remember me" or not.

  3. Andy Beard says:

    The remember me never seems to work for me.

    I didn't mention it on the SEJ blog but I would change a lot on the way the SEO is done there, unless the sacrificial design is intended.

  4. Hi Andy, regarding SEJ. Loren is cleaning it up a little with somebody from ProNet. His Blog has a lot of direct traffic and other sources than search engines so the looks had a bit higher priority (you know the old design, which was horrible hehe).

  5. Andy Beard says:

    Carsten I can understand that, though with the new use of dofollow, in fact even before that was implemented, 95% of the links on an internal page are external.
    It would be possible with some ajax stuff to have lots more internal links on the page without major design changes.
    Even Techcrunch uses UTW, but not as effectively as they could.

  6. I told Loren already to add more to the blog which would increase the internal links. From better category structure which is browsable to "about pages" including pages about each editor.

    Loren is currently making some major transitions (professionally and physically, he moved back to the States from Asia) and I hope he is doing the switch of the hosting provider soon.

    The issues with that are a much bigger problem. Comments don't work again and a restart of apache is necessary. Bummer.

    He is spending much more time on SEJ already, but he can't do everything at once. I provide him with tips and help as far as I can and as far as he lets himself help 🙂