Pubcon South 2011, Day 1 Recap

Pubcon South in Austin is a bit smaller than the Vegas show, well, a lot smaller but that doesn’t mean any less valuable.   In fact, because of the size you not only get 1 on 1 interactions with some of the smartest people in the Search, Social and Affiliate industries, but you get to learn a lot more.  The networking is a lot more meaningful because you aren’t overwhelmed with thousands of people shoved in a room and you are able to have your own space.  It is by far one of the best shows I have been to to be able to not only network, but also to learn a ton of information. I live blogged 4 sessions today on and will be doing some more tomorrow, but here is the recap and some of the best takeaways from the show.

Keynote Speech by Jeffrey Eisenberg, co-author of “Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?”:

Transparency is no longer your choice with social media.  Instead it is out there because you have employees and customers talking about you.  Being authentic and able to engage your audience is your choice and how you go about it can mean success or failure.  Amazon, for example could be considered the first ever social media site because instead of just uploading a catalog of a million books and products, they let the users and shoppers build the content and give ratings.  Those ratings and user generated content built it up and created one of the first social atmospheres and social shopping experiences.

Think about social media like email.  Why do people unfriend you on Facebook?  Because you keep posting things that aren’t about them or interesting to them.  You constantly invite them to the same games which they don’t care about.  Remember this with your company and brand.  If you spam them with ads and things just about you, they may get bored and unlike your fan page and possibly leave your group.  It is like when you over-email your lists, they eventually unsubscribe and you lose one of your best ROI resources and the loyalty of your customers.

Session 2,  Reputation Management:

There were a ton of great points brought up, but the one I found most interesting was a way to deal with sites like RipOffReport.  Apparently if you have bad reviews and you sue the authors of the page, even if it is suing Jon Doe or Jane Doe, Google will remove that page from their indexes if you can show you are taking it to court.  That is amazingly valuable to fend off these types of sites.  I haven’t ever tried this but apparently it may work.

Session 3,  Social Media Customer Service Management:

There were some great points brought up and IBM shared some internal data.  There was so much to take away from this, but the thing I liked most about this session was that the speakers had shared a ton of tools that you can use to monitor social media as well as respond and manage it from a customer service standpoint., GoMockingbird, CrashPlan and tons of others were given.  It was a great place to learn what you can use to monitor, respond and track your customer service within social media.

Session 4,  SEO for Ecommerce Sites:

This was an amazing session about SEO 101 with some great ways to optimize as well as other terms to think about.  The session covered adding in modifiers like buy, order, discount, etc… to your copy for long tail, but the thing I liked most was to measure all keywords that drive at least two sales.  Then place them into buckets with equal value amounts.

Each bucket will continue to have more keywords and more longtail as you go down since the first bucket has your highest volume and highest sales keywords.  If for some reason you are being penalized or someone has spammed their way to knock you out of your first bucket, don’t worry because the other buckets are worth 4 times that amount.  There are a lot more keywords to have to go after, but they are also a lot less competitive and easier to optimize for.  You have to plan to lose your first bucket but keep your income strong with your other ones.  The other ones are driving 80 percent of your SEO revenue so make sure to work on them when bucket 1 is hurting so you still have money coming in.

This show has taught me more in a day than I could have learned from reading blogs for a year.  Combined with Affiliate Summit, I don’t think anyone would ever need any training on SEO, SEM, Conversion Rate Optimization, Affiliate Marketing and Social media again.  The two shows have the smartest speakers from all sides of the white hat and black hat fences as well as people who are ready to share a ton of information with you.  I cannot wait for tomorrow and will be live blogging the show on as well as giving a recap here on ReveNews again at night.

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  1. One important thing you didn’t mention – there is better sausage in Austin than Vegas!

  2. One important thing you didn’t mention – there is better sausage in Austin than Vegas!

  3. Dailey says:

    SEO and social media integration is so important!