SEO for PHP Developers Part II

I was a bit too early when I wrote six months ago about the first SEO book that is geared towards web developers (or SEO that want to get a grip on PHP a little).

The book was not even finished at the time and also showed a wrong release date. Now, six month later did the book finally arrive at book stores around the country. You can currently get it at 34% for less than $30 here at

What did not change in the last six month is the claim that this is the first book of its kind. Most books about SEO were written for a semi-technical marketer audience. Knowledge of HTML was often required to understand a lot of the details of SEO. What the books did not address was the fact that a lot of sites are dynamic websites, with the content stored in databases and not simple static HTML.

Most websites are developed without SEO in mind. They are often developed by teams that have a very deep knowledge about programming and databases, but no or little knowledge of SEO. The result is a website that might violates some of the very basic rules of creating a site that is well accessible and understandable for the human visitors as well as the non-human visitors (the search engine spiders or crawlers).

Changing a site after it is live and around for a while until somebody realizes that something is not the way it should and search engine traffic is either low or virtually nothing, can be very costly and in the worst case require almost an entire rewrite of the websites code.

That’s why is it important that not only marketers are being educated about the benefits and principles of SEO, but the people that build websites, the web developers as well. This book was written exactly for this purpose.

Although a lot of the content is not PHP specific are other parts that are using a lot of sample source code to demonstrate possible solutions, specific for Apache Webservers (.htaccess), PHP and MySQL Databases. You can find out more about the content of the book in much greater detail at the website of one of the two authors of the book, Cristian Darie who was primarily responsible for the technical aspects in the book, while his co-author Jaimie Sirovich, a well known SEO in the community at provided most of the marketing background to give developers a better understanding about the WHY they should do things a certain way and not the other.

A windows developer might be able to make sense of some of them to adapt them to his environment, but that might be a bit cumbersome. Windows developer using Microsoft IIS and DOT.NET don’t have to wait too long though, because “Professional Search Engine Optimization with ASP.NET” is planned to be released in a few months in June. The DOT.NET version was written by the same author team.

  • The code is written using ASP.NET 2.0 (however it can be easily translated to ASP.NET 1.1 if necessary)
  • We use C#, but we’ll post a VB.NET version of the code download if there will be enough demand for it
  • The expected publication date is June 2007

I code those information again from Cristian Darie’s website, which you should visit to get more information about SEO for ASP.NET Developers. The book can be pre-ordered at which shows this time a release date that might be too far in the future.

If you are a marketer with a PHP or ASP.NET/C# developer team, then you might want to pickup one of the books for them. I am sure that this will save your online business a lot of money, because doing it right from the start does not cost you extra, but fixing it after it was finished, does.

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