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It was supposed to be released last week on September 24, but it seems to be delayed. I am talking about the first book of its kind, called: “Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP” published by Wrox in their “Professional” Series.

It was written by Jaimie Sirovich from and veteran developer and book author Cristian Darie.

The book covers the following topics:

  • basic SEO concepts
  • building search engine friendly URLs
  • content relocation and the HTTP status codes
  • duplicate content
  • on-page optimization using HTML and JavaScript
  • web syndication and social bookmarking
  • discussion of black hat SEO
  • IP cloaking, geo-targeting, and IP delivery
  • enhancing existing websites for better Search Engine performance
  • a complete case study demonstrating an optimized e-commerce catalog

May be I should called the post Web Development for SEO Marketers instead. PHP is the language of choice for most SEO Tools, but a lot of SEO Marketers are not Developers themselves and rely on hired or contracted Developers which are plenty available at freelance resources like eLance, RentACoder or ScriptLance.

The problem is that the Marketers often know what they need but feel uncomfortable with having an outsider gaining knowledge about their trade secrets which are essential to their business. This book might be able to help some of the SEO Marketers to learn some PHP themselves.

Not to become a full fledged Developer, but to be able to write some basic tools or to break up the development of more complex tools into pieces having multiple freelance coders work on it and then piece the individual modules together themselves which would reduce the risk that a single third party gains too much of their secret knowledge about SEO.

Hey Greg “WebGuerrilla” Boser. You mentioned during the last few SEO Rockstars shows at that you can’t find a reliable coder for your business. If you are still looking for a coder in southern California, but haven’t found one yet, this book is may be something for you.

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  1. SEO for Web Developer – have all my clients buy this book!

    I have not reviewed the book and I'm not a programmer, so I can't tell you that  “Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP" is any good or not – but given what I have seen of lousy SEO many web…

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