Google Analytics Real-Time Widgets Just Released

Google recently announced another new feature: Google Analytics real-time widgets. These four new widgets are now available in the analytics dashboard. This new feature has the potential to help site owners and internet marketers increase efficiency and easily monitor real-time traffic.

The new Google Analytics real-time widgets can be inserted into both new and existing dashboards. Information from these widgets can also be used in reports. The four new real-time widgets include a counter, timeline, geomap and table. Similar to standard widgets, data can be grouped and filtered.

How to Set Up Google Analytics Real-Time Widgets

If you’re familiar with setting up standard widgets, implementing Google Analytics real-time widgets should be a piece of cake. Even if you’ve never created a dashboard or used a widget, it’s still a simple process:

1. Log in to your Google Analytics account. In the left navigation bar, click “Dashboards” under “My Stuff.”

2. Click the existing dashboard you want to add a widget to. If you want to create a new dashboard, click “+ New Dashboard.”

Google Analytics Real-Time Widgets - Add a Widget

3. Once you’re in the desired dashboard, click “+ Add Widget.” This option is underneath the dashboard title heading.

4. Give your Google real-time analytics widget a title. For this example, I’m using “US Real-Time by Keyword.”

5. Select the appropriate widget by using the real-time icons. I’ve selected the “counter.”

6. The widget will default to show active visitors. You can then group your data. I’ve chosen to group by keywords. The keyword data will display all keywords current visitors used to navigate to your site.

7. To nail down the geographic target, add a filter. For this example, the filter I’ve selected will only show visitors from the United States.

Google Analytics Real-Time Widgets

8. Save the widget. It will now appear in the chosen dashboard:

Google Analytics Real Time Widgets in Dashboard

The widget I created shows how many United States visitors are currently on the site. It also shows corresponding keywords. This data changes constantly on the dashboard as visitors come and go.

This real-time data can be especially helpful for site owners and internet marketers. It doesn’t matter if you’re website focuses on website design or snake repellent, Google Analytics real-time widgets will help you save time and better monitor day-to-day traffic on your site.

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