A Guide to Better SEO Reputation Management

Online marketing specialists spend lots of time offering advice on how to manage online reviews and ratings for local businesses. However, the reputation of your business can extend well beyond the reviews you get on Google and Yelp.

Keep Up With Your Social Media Accounts

Building out your social media accounts is critical. It is insufficient just to have Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business. You need also to build an audience for them as well. Ongoing development will allow you to build up your social media accounts so that you interact with your customers as well as increase your engagement scores and overall influence.

If you fail to do this, your accounts might not be strong enough to be able to outrank a negative posting that someone does about your company. We don’t know exactly how Bing and Google might assess social media account strength. However, there are independent scoring utilities that are available for determining whether or not you are growing. Two of the best known are Kred and Klout.

Consider Your Products and Brands – SEO Reputation Management

It might be necessary for you to build out social profiles and online materials for more than your company name. For example, if you have product and brand names that go beyond the name of your business, you probably should also develop content that will rank for their names. “You might need to develop collateral materials, social media profiles, web pages, and websites in order to reserve and claim each of your brand names,” suggests Robin Britten of digital and social media reputation provider RepCom.

If your company or you makes a mistake, does something wrong or fails to do something, own up to it. Genuinely apologize to anyone who has been affected. When you are transparent and real in your apologies, it can go a long way in diffusing the situation and get the process moving towards reconciliation or bringing a crisis to an end at the very least.

If you are going to apologize, just be sure it is authentic. You should also try to make amends if possible.

Protect People Who Are Associated With Your Business

Build strong social media presence for the names of your executives, owners or founders, especially if their names are distinctive. As discussed above, trying to keep a low online profile to protect your privacy only leaves you vulnerable to drive-by attacks and defamers.

There are many businesses out there where the identity of the company is closely entangled with their executive. It is vital for those businesses to have a sound reputation management strategy. Consumers frequently search for lawyers, dentists, and doctors by name (to name a few). If these individuals don’t have collateral that can be ranked, then you should create it.


For local SEO, blogging is a great secret weapon to use, because when it is done properly, it can help a site rank its keywords and offers content for your social media accounts as well. Blogging should be created as a part of a holistic content marketing effort. It allows you to control much of what’s being said on the web and social and manage the content put out about you or your brand – a vital part of reputation management.

Where Applicable, Implement Authorship

Even though Google has officially pulled the authorship effort, there are still many who believe it’s only a temporary thing. When done properly, authorship can still provide you with significant advantages. It is mainly for businesses that have a proprietor or founder who is closely associated with the identity of the business. Google requires that authors be individuals. Therefore, the author tag needs to be linked to an individual’s Google+ profile instead of a business page. When the company or the individual is searched for often, the authorship enabled pages, as well as other related ones, will show up in the SERPs.

All of these factors can help with reputation management and ensuring your business is presented in the best possible manner online to searchers.

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