5 Social Media Mistakes We Make

With all of the internet watching and noticing every update, like, tweet, post, and share, there are bound to be a few mistakes. Now there are the small mistakes that can be edited or deleted, but what about the big mistakes that affect your business? These are the mistakes we need to take note of and make sure they are never ignored or repeated.

Ignoring Social Media Altogether

This could be one of the biggest mistakes of them all. No  matter who you are, ignoring social media when it comes to your business is not a good idea. If you’re trying to isolate yourself completely and make sure no one has any contact with you ever, then you’re probably heading in the right direction.

However if you have a brand to market or need to get the word out about anything, you can’t afford to not use social media. Information is most effectively brought to the masses through social media. There are valuable opportunities to connect with fans and customers, reinforce brand messaging, and promote products. Slip up here and your competitors will engage with your audience instead.


Making It All About You

Most brands try to just use social networking as they would with traditional advertising. That is, they use it to direct consumers’ attention to a certain product in an effort to persuade them to purchase it, offering discounts to get them in the store. Social media marketers need to concentrate on finding out what kind of content their customer base is interested in and invest in high quality content creation to meet the need.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could definitely make your Facebook more customer-oriented and respond to every comment, good or bad. Just grab a convertible laptop tablet  for on the go, sign on and Let the people know it’s about them and the community, and not about you.

All Those “Likes” are not Sales

Companies often boast about some new product and plaster it all over social media accounts with calls to action like “share this! “Like this!” “Tweet This.” But do all these shares and likes really transfer to anything but that?

It may help market your product, which is a great achievement, but is that the goal? If the end goal is to sell your product, will a certain number of likes translate to a certain amount sales? The truth is, probably not. And because likes don’t equal sales, you shouldn’t make them your end game. You need to aim for more and not just settle for a few clicks of a button.

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

With so many platforms it’s easy for brands to bite off more than they can chew when it comes to social media. Rather than taking on every social network, brands do well to strategically choose a few to which they may devote more time and effort toward. Take time to figure out which networks mean the most to your audience, and stick to those.

With so many ways to market your product, you need to pick what will work for your audience. It’s not a bad idea to cover all areas of media, including music. videos, pictures, and ads, but try to devote some time to each on in particular as it’s better to do one thing great then ten things okay.

No Plan, No Future

An unplanned approach can result in lost opportunities. For instance, if your business doesn’t have an editorial calendar for your social media presence, you may simply neglect to say something important and relevant when a big event comes around. Timing is everything.

Even when a big media event is taking place, like the unveiling of a new apple product, people are always looking for the best updates. If you’re trying to market your product or your business as a whole, you need to take advantage of having a social presence when it comes to the unveiling of big events. Plan ahead and plan wisely so that your social media presence sticks out.

With all these tips in mind, you should have a good outlook on what to avoid doing. This way you can focus on making your online presence more effective and more purposeful. Get more online attention, and ultimately more business by marketing successfully through social media. If you have any tips for using social media to promote a product or service, please feel free to share in the comments below.

About Elliot Martinez

Elliot Martinez is a Business graduate of the University of South Florida. He is currently working towards his graduate degree. As a freelance writer he covers all tech topics and is a self proclaimed social media fanatic.

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