How to Improve your Twitter Click Through Rates – The Basics

Over the last few years, Twitter has skyrocketed in popularity with individuals and businesses alike. Now with over 300 million active users, Twitter has proven itself to be one of the big players on the social media field and is one of the best social networks for driving traffic to websites.

Despite this, very few Twitter users take the time to think about exactly how big an impact Twitter can have if used correctly.

For this article, we have teamed up with social media experts, Significance Media in order to give you some advice on how to use Twitter to its full potential and improve your click through rates:

TwitterUse Images

People like pictures. By using images, you are also making your Tweets larger and more visible for your followers, and this can increase click-through rates. According to HubSpot, those Tweets which contain images, receive 18% more click throughs than Tweets without. However, those images must be relevant to whatever content you’re posting. If you use irrelevant images, this will lead to a higher bounce rate.

Add Hashtags

By using hashtags on your Tweets, they are categorized and will pop up in trending searches and increase your chances of getting more views. Properly used hashtags can significantly improve your click-through rates.

Researching your hashtags before using them in your Tweets by using Twitter’s hashtag search feature will tell you which hashtags are popular and what people are searching. Additionally, they will also show up in color on people’s feeds which again, makes your Tweet stand out.

Include a Call to Action

When you add a link into your Tweet, it is vital that you also include a call to action to improve click-through rates. For example, if you’re Tweeting about a service that offers a free consultation, make sure to mention that benefit and add your link (to the website or wherever).

It’s also a good idea to construct your Tweet in a way that is clear to potential viewers. You can do this by saying something like: “Sign up for a free consultation today by clicking here:” Or,”join our survey” here if you are performing a Twitter survey online survey company Questback suggests.


If you get Retweeted, this means that a wider audience can see what you’ve written/shared and thus get you more potential customers. There is no shame in asking someone to Retweet you and adding a link to this will increase your chances of a Retweet by up to 86%!

Be Persuasive and Concise

People use Twitter as a constant way of finding great content and interesting topics, so it’s a good idea to be persuasive in your Tweeting. Due to Twitter’s 140 character constraint, being concise is also crucial. So, if you’re offering something of interest or value to your followers, ensure that you communicate it’s benefits clearly.

We hope that this information as been useful to you as either a business person or just as someone who likes to shout about their ideas and opinions.

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