How to Reach and Resonate with the Millennial Audience

According to Forbes, Millennials are 62% more likely to become a loyal customer to brands which engage and interact with them on social media. This statistic emphasizes yet again how important it is that a company maintain a digital presence, especially if they are targeting Millennials.

Companies must be careful, though because the Millennials are a smart lot and can identify a scam job from a mile away. Millennials are notorious for turning away from companies which use social media to bombard them with their message. And once they are gone, it can be almost impossible to lure Millennials back into the fold.


There are certain recognized strategies which can help you keep your millennial customers and even strengthen their loyalty to your brand.

  1. Always Be Honest

Millennials are smart and can easily recognize a scam or whitewash job. Companies must be scrupulously honest on social media when engaging with their customer. If you are not, and the Millennials figure it out, you may never recover. Millennials are gurus at research and if they find something is not kosher, they immediately share it with the world. This piece looks at their love of honesty.

  1. Reviews are Important

Millennials are more likely to read online reviews of your company or services than any other demographic. They trust them and use them to make their purchasing decisions.

If you company is not engaging and answering reviews, Millennials will notice. If you are deleting negative reviews or not interacting appropriately, Millennials will often switch brand allegiance.

You are better off admitting if you’ve made a mistake and reassuring your social media circle that you will fix it. Millennials find this heartening and are more likely to remain supportive. After all, everyone makes mistakes. Millennials feel a brand or company which can admit to them is more approachable and likely to be a good organization.

One good example of this is American Relocation Connections. This company receives many positive reviews, both online and on its Facebook page. It engages and interacts with its customers, never removing a review, even the negative ones. If a negative review is posted, the company answers and owns up to any mistakes made. This is a public acknowledgment of the situation and how the company plans on fixing it.

Do not delete your negative reviews. Instead, answer them and describe your solution. Work to continually improve your customer service and the reviews will take care of themselves.

Of course, there may also be troublesome fake negative reviews to hurt your brand. Using a service to prevent that can help. Yotpo combats fake reviews by stopping them at the source, with technology that prevents them from being created in the first place. For example, the company only accepts verified buyer reviews from people who submitted their reviews via an in-email form that only gets sent to buyers. It’s well worth consideration.

  1. Don’t try too hard

Some brands just try too hard to connect with Millennials. It usually does not work and comes off as desperate.

When you are creating ads, use good imagery. A Millennial can easily tell the difference between a real picture of customers and a stock photo. They have no problem identifying the model with the perfect abs compared to a real customer.

It helps if a brand uses more user generated content in their ads and on their website. The feel is more genuine and works well with Millennials.


Connecting with Millennials can be a challenge for businesses. One mistake or misstep and the Millennials will walk.

Ensure your web content team knows how to engage and keep their millennial audience. Study what works for others as they engage with their millennial customers. Also, look at their mistakes and take the lessons to heart. Keep your message authentic and on message. Create opportunities for two-way communication and you will win the loyalty of your millennial customers.

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