Rewarding Clients: Ways to Retain Customers on Social Media

Grabbing the attention of your customers is as easy as going social, but only if you know how to properly navigate the media waters. Whether your business is large or small, social media is a great way to market to the online masses through smart, socially savvy campaigns. The following tips will help your business please its social followers and create customer loyalty without breaking the rules of social media etiquette.

Offer Up the Goods ASAP

One way to steal your customers’ attention and, more importantly, their hearts, is to offer them discounts and deals via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But, although this may seem like a walk in the digital park, it’s not. As online media outlets increase, attention spans decrease. This is especially true with social media.


The best thing you can do to retain attention in the social media arena is to showcase your business’s discounts and deals front and center. In other words, if it’s a coupon or discount code you’re dishing out, make sure you put that coupon in the spotlight when it comes to posting and tweeting. The quicker you get to the point, the quicker you’ll get the point across.

Give Followers a Heads Up

There’s nothing more irritating than coming across a promotion that’s past its prime, especially when that promotion is sitting in your own news feed. Guess what? Your customers don’t appreciate when this happens either, which is exactly why you need to give them a heads up with your promotions.

Instead of dishing out deals the day of, let your social followers know a few days in advance. This pretty much goes without saying if your business has a physical location. Likewise, try to post during social media peak hours like mornings, the lunch hour, and evenings. Doing so will ensure your marketing attempts aren’t lost in the media shuffle.

Be Consistent, But Don’t Overdo it

Consistency is the best media medicine, so keep your business’s deals, discounts, and coupons coming at a steady pace. Sooner or later, your social followers will come to expect your promotional posts and all that hard marketing work will come full circle.

In keeping with social media etiquette, remember not to overdo it when it comes to tweeting and posting. Keep in mind that many social sites push notifications to smartphones, so a little literally goes a long way. How much is too much? If you’re marketing to a single social media site more than once or twice a day, you’ll quickly become nuisance.

Everybody Loves a Good Contest

How can you retain customers through discounts and promotions, build loyalty, and get social followers to do your marketing for you? With social media contests and competitions, of course! Whether it’s a brand-related photo contest or tweet of the day, social contests will definitely retain the attention of the social media masses.

For example, if you’re in the retail business, reward the first five followers to post a picture of your merchandise with coupon code or a free item. It works for restaurants too, so have your social followers post pictures of their favorite dish to receive free appetizers. Go the competition route and you’ll make customers for life.

Ask Questions, But Respond Promptly

If you want to tailor your marketing efforts to the audience at hand, it never hurts to ask. By asking your social followers what deals, discounts, and promotions best benefit them, you can really give your customers what they want. So, on occasion, reach out to your customers to find out how you can best reach out to them.

But remember, the number one no-no when it comes to social media etiquette is not responding to customer feedback, regardless of whether the feedback is positive or not. This is especially true when those comments are a result of a question you asked. So, always respond promptly and accordingly.

By following the tips above, you’ll have an easier time navigating the social media marketing waters without drowning your followers in pointless promotions.

About Elliot Martinez

Elliot Martinez is a Business graduate of the University of South Florida. He is currently working towards his graduate degree. As a freelance writer he covers all tech topics and is a self proclaimed social media fanatic.

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