Twitter Ads Now Available to Everyone in U.S.

For quite some time, the Twitter Ads platform wasn’t open to everyone. Most advertising options were available to United States based businesses by invitation only. Now the Twitter Ads platform is finally available for all U.S. Twitter accounts.

According to a blog post by Ravi Narasimhan, Twitter Product Manager, the past year of testing gave Twitter the chance to add in-demand features. This feedback allowed Twitter to improve its self-service platform before opening it up for everyone.

How to Access and Use Twitter Ads

For users who already had access to Twitter Ads, nothing will change. If you are a new ads customer, start by visiting the self-service ad page. You will have to answer a few questions before beginning. After you’re signed up, you can immediate start advertising on Twitter.

Signing up for Twitter Ads gives you access to several different features. You can choose from advertising through Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. Twitter also offers insightful analytics features.  There are also several targeting options for advertisers. These choices might be familiar if you’re already an AdWords or Facebook Ads customer.

Promoted Accounts appear in the “Who to Follow” section of Twitter. Your account is highlighted by a golden arrow along with the words “promoted.” These accounts also show up at the top of a people search. Twitter Ads only charges your account when users actually follow your account. Daily spending limits can be set for all Twitter Ads campaigns.

Promoted Tweets will appear in user timelines. Your account will only be charged if a user click on a link, favorite, reply or retweet Promoted Tweets. You are not paying for impressions in the timeline. Again, daily spending limits and analytics are available in the Twitter Ads dashboard.


Targeting Users with Twitter Ads

Audience targeting is essential when using any advertising platform. Twitter Ads helps you target users by location and interest. Twitter Ads also recently announced the availability of keyword targeting for Promoted Tweets.

Keyword targeting with Promoted Tweets happens within a user’s timeline. Your desired keywords should be selected when setting up your Twitter Ads campaign. If a user tweets one of your keywords, your Promoted Tweet will appear in their timeline.

For example, organic gardening pest control  company Safer Brand might target keywords like “organic,” “gardening” and “lawn care.” If a user tweets one of these keywords and meets Safe Brand’s other advertising targeting criteria, a Promoted Tweet will show up in the user’s timeline. This tweet could promote a deal or encourage the user to participate in one of Safer Brand’s Twitter contests.


The availability of Twitter Ads keyword targeting creates another versatile online marketing tool for small and large brands.

When asked if his company will consider social media advertising, Scott Shephard of SITECH Allegheny said that “Twitter Ads is a possibility now since we can better target people in our niche. It’s not often we can readily advertise to online users interested in heavy civil construction solutions in our geographic region.”

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