Using Social Media to Market Your Luxury Products

Promotion is usually the same no matter the product, but when it comes to luxury items, there’s a little more to it. This is especially true for social media marketing, which can be a difficult beast to tame.

Although there are challenges to finding the right marketing tactics, luxury shoppers do spend time on social media. In fact, according to a Blackstone Digital Agency study, 75 percent of shoppers targeting luxury items use social media. You’ll also notice that the largest brands in luxury products and services have adopted social media marketing successfully.

Understanding your target market can be challenging. You’ll have to take affluent measures to properly market your products. However, it can be done. Here are some things the pros do:

Make social sharing available, but not in your face.

Tasteful marketing is paramount, and obnoxious pop-ups and social sharing buttons will only aggravate your customers.

Instead, follow the example of Estate Diamond Jewelry, a leading online seller of diamond jewelry. They’re on social media, but the social buttons are found neatly in the footer of the website. It’s prominent enough that users can find it, but not subtle enough to be out of the way.

Follow major luxury brands and mimic their strategies.

Top luxury brands on social media include Versace, Rolex, Prada, Porsche, Dior, and Armani. If you haven’t already, join their social networks and closely observe their practices. Use what you can in your own social marketing.

Look at the Rolex Facebook page, for example. Not only do they use hashtags to make their posts easier to find, but they also post multiple times per week. They use high-quality photos and videos to capitalize on their products being used in multiple high-profile settings.

Although your luxury brand might not have the same clout as one of the oldest and most refined watchmakers in the world, you can still benefit from their highly effective marketing strategies.

Limit your posting schedule.

Brands targeting every day, middle-class individuals will post on social media very frequently. Twitter posts can be upwards of a dozen times per day, and Facebook and Instagram posts are several times per day.

Posting too often on social media removes the exclusivity of your presence. Your target audience can feel classified in the “everybody else” category, and you’re less likely to grab their loyalty.

If you were to look at the frequency of posts from any of the luxury brands mentioned above, you would notice that there are often several days in between each post. While several days might be too big of a gap for your brand, remember that less is more.

Always shoot for quantity over quality.

Here’s another mistake when posting too often to your luxury social pages: When you’re focused on the quantity of social posts and interactions, you’ll sacrifice the quality of each post. Give yourself time to develop a creative idea and implement it correctly.

If you’re doing it right, you’ll hire freelance photographers and videographers to create your content for you (if you don’t have a professional in-house). Your goal should be to display your products in context, using trendy photography styles and fashion. This takes time and careful planning.

A great example of this is Prada. Their Facebook page is dripping in exclusive luxury. From the flashy cover video to the drool-worthy product images, it would be hard for them not to leave an impression.

Use video appropriately.

One of the biggest mistakes social marketers for luxury brands make is avoiding video. It can be somewhat frightening for the inexperienced, but it’s a great way to catch the attention of any audience, no matter how much money they have.

Chanel’s video strategy is a great example. In January of 2015, Chanel held its Haute Couture fashion show and used video to document it throughout the event. Their 2.5-minute videos on Twitter had nearly 8,000 retweets and their 14-second Instagram videos had more than 184,000 likes and 3,100 comments. That’s a great example of branding, right there.

Show the product in an elegant context.

Simple product photos on a white backdrop are great for your website, but not so much for your social media pages. Products shown in context are more likely to drive both social media interactions and conversions.

Showing a product in context means creating an image of utter luxury. Great lighting and professional photography make a great start, but you also need models dressed in high fashion, props, and trendy intuition. If possible, use celebrity photos that somehow support or endorse your product.

Simply scrolling through the social pages of any high-profile luxury brand will show you exactly what to do with your own social strategy. Luxury branding takes time and an elegant strategy, but it’s not beyond your reach.

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Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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