3 Tips for Using Social Media Marketing for Recruitment Purposes

When it comes to hiring new employees, most business owners or hiring managers know how difficult it can be to know whether you’re getting someone who will fit your company well and bring something new to the table or if you’re just getting a lemon. However, by using social media marketing as a recruitment tool for future employees, you can potentially avoid many of the mishaps that come along with hiring someone you don’t know. To show you how to best use social media marketing to your advantage in the recruitment process, here are three tips to use next time you have an open position you need to be filled.

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Don’t Expect to Find Someone Immediately

If you plan to use social media as a way to recruit the best and brightest employees for your company, Tiffany Black, a contributor to Inc.com, warns business owners that this is more of a long-term employment plan rather than a way to find an employee quickly.

Using social media to find awesome workers takes time and effort. You truly have to network and communicate with people over a period before you can be sure that they’re the right fit for you and you’re the right fit for them. So if you know you’ll be having openings in the future, it’s a good idea to being your subtle networking process now. But if you’re needing a job position filled by next week, you might not have as much success with social media marketing your opening as you would like.

Focus on Building Relationships and Connections

The best way to find talented future employees using social media marketing is to have a focus both on building your brand as well as building relationships with those you come in contact with. By having this two-pronged approach to your social media strategy, Abby Perkins, a contributor to Business Review USA, shares that you can create relationships with hard workers who may not even be currently looking for a job but that you can snag up when the time is right.

If you do this right, by the time you’re ready to hire someone, you hopefully will have established a few relationships with potential employees who already know about your company, your brand, and your culture. This goes way beyond simply posting job openings via your business social media channels; this is networking for a mutually beneficial purpose.

Share the Right Information With Your Followers

Recruiting using social media means you’re using your current follower audience as your pool for potential employees. With this in mind, Chris Ferdinandi of Monster.com recommends for businesses to be extra careful with the type of information they share regarding their business on the social channels. You want to have your followers view your business in a positive light that makes them wish they worked with you. To accomplish this, Ferdinandi suggests sharing posts like insights into the company culture, business news, posts from current employees and other snippets like this. Along with sharing when you have a job opening, updates and information that allow your followers to see what it’s like to work for your company will help to make them more interested in sharing their talents with you when a position becomes available.

Social media can be a great way to get more passionate and qualified candidates applying to work for your company. Use the tips mentioned above to being initiating a recruitment strategy that focuses on social media marketing today.

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