Youtopica – The Birth of a New Social Media Sensation

I recently had the chance to meet Nicu Burac, the founder of a new social media site called Youtopica.  I found Nicu very smart and engaging, and found his new site, Youtopica attention grabbing and fascinating.  To me, Youtopica feels like a cross between Pinterest and Linkedin, but as Nicu describes below, it would be interested to see & hear how others would describe it.  Since his site is all about describing yourself, I thought it would be interesting to ask Nicu how he would describe Youtopica if he were going to write an article about it:

So we are seven billion people in the world, each with our own personality, thinking, interests and dreams. Each human being on this planet is a unique combination of mind and body, with their own universe inside. You are the only one of a kind, there never was and never will be someone identical to you. In fact we are so different from each other, scientist are not even sure that we all perceive the same color in the same way.  A group of people might look at the sky and agree that it’s blue when in actuality they all might see different colors – it’s just that we are told that the sky color is blue, so that’s what we call this color!

How does that sound?

The point is that with so many unique, original and special people in the world, how do you get at least a glimpse of someone’s unique personality? How do you get to understand someone in a better way? These are the types of questions we were asking ourselves at Youtopica, when we decided to create this visual self-expression platform where people around the globe can describe their personality with images and videos. We believe everyone is beautiful and special in his or her own way, and with Youtopica we are leveraging the inherent human need for self-expression in an attempt to bring online a small bit of a person’s inner world.

The mechanism is fairly simple and fun: Youtopica users post images and videos in response to questions like “What makes you happy?” or “What song reflects your current mood?”.  These questions address a person’s core values and traits, thus does your Youtopica profile describe you and your personality.

And this is actually the goal behind this visual answer engine. We realized that people often times are in situations where they’d like to know more about certain persons they are dealing with. The best example would be the “tell me a bit about yourself” question asked during a job interview. But since we can’t just randomly ask our friends, classmates or colleagues “tell me a bit about yourself”, the Youtopica team thought it would be cool to have a web platform where users would go to actually find these answers, and where they’d also be able to provide self-descriptive content in the same manner.

The platform is still very new, but with such a goal – to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the human kind – we have been pleased with the generous reviews and feedback we have received so far.

The site is still very new, and I am sure Nicu would love to get some more feedback, so take a look, post a comment here, and let him know what you think!

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2 Responses to Youtopica – The Birth of a New Social Media Sensation

  1. I think it’s a fun concept to be able to see different sides of friends – I put up answers for myself at and I really enjoyed answering the questions.

    I am not sure I’d say it’s a cross between Pinterest and LinkedIn, because I don’t like either of them, and I like this.

    It’s a neat, visual biography.