Must-Have Tech To Help You Scale Your Business

Must-have Tech to Help you Scale your BusinessWhether skyrocketing or gradual, business growth can be one of the most exciting — and scary — times for an entrepreneur. In many ways, you’ve dreamt of the moment when you no longer have to deal with the headaches of inconsistent cash flow and not enough personnel.

But with growth often come growing pains and a new set of challenges to confront and conquer. If you’re in the midst of scaling your business, you can do a lot to make the process more seamless by adopting the right tech. Here’s an overview:


As any business owner comes to realize, few things in business come to matter more than proper accounting. If your books fall behind, they can be a nightmare to bring up to date. And if you miss tax filings or payroll tax payments, your whole business could easily be sunk by the financial implications. In the beginning, you can get by with unsophisticated tools and even amateur bookkeeping help. But in order to efficiently grow, you need to graduate your accounting to professional levels.

There are many accounting tools that can work for you as you make the transition from small shop to medium-sized business, but QuickBooks is one of the most tried and true for good reason. If you start with the standard version of QuickBooks for small business, you can easily move up to its enterprise suite of products. And if you haven’t yet, now is the time to make sure you have a reliable, knowledgeable accounting manager and CPA who can be there to get you through your growth and beyond.

On-the-Go Assistance

Laptops and software are often some of the first things to be considered when a business is growing, but many entrepreneurs forget about their smartphones. If you’re still using an outdated cell phone, it might work decently for calls, texts and pictures. But as your company scales, you should have comprehensive tools at your fingertips wherever you are. Depending on your specific business, your needs may vary. But a good business phone to consider is the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Smart Assistant on this device is one of its most handy features and is especially useful for business owners who are often mobile, thanks to its ability to be controlled by voice, touch or text and handle 15,000 tasks. Even if you can’t afford to hire your own assistant yet, this could be the next step that helps you manage the growing to-do list for your growing business.

Project Management

One of the most notoriously challenging parts of business growth is keeping collaboration strong as more team members are added. As you get larger office space, you won’t be able to stay in the loop with your employees as much as you once could. Many growing companies benefit from using a tool like Basecamp to manage projects and coordinate with team members. The software is very intuitive , so you can implement it in very little time (another upside for a busy, growing business).

As you scale, remember to choose tech wisely and aim for efficiency. And don’t forget to enjoy the moment — you’ve worked hard to get here.

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