Three Guidelines for Effective Video Marketing

Three Guidelines for Effective Video MarketingAt this point, no one needs to be convinced of the power of video used within marketing. Video is eagerly consumed by all types of consumers and is an ideal way to transmit ideas that are difficult to convey with words alone. But not all videos are created equally, and the mere act of producing a video won’t suddenly make your marketing effective. The video has to be high quality, send a powerful message and be short enough for someone to watch in passing. Beyond this, here are three ways to create a compelling video that will actually make an impact for your business.

Conquer Misconceptions

Nearly every brand has faced misconceptions at one time or another. The challenge lies in being able to reverse opinions that aren’t complimentary of your company and/or are rooted in false information. Video is a great way to do this.

One example is Amway, a business whose name is a shortened version of “American Way.” Because of this, some of Amway’s target audience were left thinking that Amway was only available in the U.S. The reality is that Amway is a global company, with operations and employees in over 100 countries. To help consumers understand this, Amway created a video that showed just how global the brand really is. You can do the same with any misconception your brand is facing.

Use the Influence of Others

One of the goals of creating a great marketing video is to get it seen by as many people as possible. In order to do this, a brilliant strategy is to tap into the networks of influential individuals. If you can include someone (or multiple people) with mass social media followings in your video, for instance, there’s a great likelihood these folks will share the video with their networks.

Gap did this when it launched its “” campaign. The company used stylists and other people (with vast social followings) known for having impeccable fashion sense. Then they filmed and photographed them wearing Gap clothing and wove in stories about why they chose their particular outfit. It worked phenomenally well, and these influencers then shared their inclusion in the campaign with their own networks. By sharing these videos, Gap was showcased to entirely new audiences, who may have never been exposed to the brand previously.

Get Real

And finally, authenticity always wins. If you want to recruit skilled people to your company, a video about your culture can go a long way in encouraging talent to contact you. Cancer Treatment Centers of America did this well when they put together videos of real employees doing their jobs. It might sound unspectacular, but the results were great. People respond to seeing other people as real human beings. This raw look at what a day in the life of an employee might look like makes outsiders feel like they understand your brand.

If you want to be effective with your video marketing, focus on breaking through misconceptions, tapping into others’ networks and using real people to tell real stories. None of these are complex methods, but they work very well.

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  1. edalat says:

    our startup is using video Marketing and our target is instagram by focous of short videos. i must admit it had a really good effect of the growth of our startup.